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Support Website and Map development

I spend a lot of time working on the maps, working on this homepage and working on the OSM wiki/forums in order so that everyone can enjoy nice maps for mountainbiking. If you want to support me in doing that, then please donate to motivate me to continue developing.

You Get in Return (as a member):

  • Quick Support via comment function ( I usually answer within a few hours, and nearly always under 2 days…)
  • Exclusive maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • Single map of Europe including contourlines of complete Europe
    • North America (including contourlines): United States (5 parts), Canada
    • South America country maps for most countries (including contourlines)
    • Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia all including contourlines (and also a contourlines file for all Australia-Oceania)
    • Contourlines for Africa and Asia country maps
    • Contourlines for South-America, Central-America and Africa and Asia and more – you get contourlines for all maps offered here (all except Asia as continent are integrated and simply need to be copied into the map folder).
  • Exclusive Mac OSx format maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • All Openmtbmap and Velomap Maps are now also available for Download in gmap/gmapi format. Easy and Quick installation in Garmin Basecamp for Mac OSX.
  • and in future (hopefully) to an online support forum (planned April 2012) and video tutorials (planned soon).


How to donate:

You can pay via Paypal or via bank transfer. If you want to receive a membership, I prefer to receive payments via Paypal // Credit Card (though if you don't want to pay via credit card or paypal, you can also donate via bank transfer). If you already have a lifelong membership, or just want to support without getting a membership login, then I prefer payments via bank transfer as this saves the ~5% Paypal commission (feel free to donate via paypal if that is easier for you however).

Note1: The login only works for either Openmtbmap or Velomap, but the premium downloads are always available on both sites. You can still post comments/questions specific to Velomap in the Velomap section on Openmtbmap and vice versa (this is due to both websites having different databases. People who donate 50€ or more, may email me and I manually copy the login to both sites.)

Note2: if you would like to extend your membership, please login, then you will see the options!


Donate via Paypal / Credit Card

After payment you get a link sent by mail which enables you to create an account on

With this account you can access the premium sections/downloads and you can use the reply function on all pages, I'll try to answer all questions. If you don't receive an email for login within 5 minutes after sending the payment, please look into your Spam folder.


Donate 20 € for first year, then 13€ per year

Standard: First year support for €20, then € 13 for each year. You can cancel the payment whenever you like. (needs a credit card linked to your Paypal Account. – use the button under "donate a variable amount" if you have no credit card linked to your paypal account)


Donate a variable Amount

Choose the duration up front. No credit card needed.




Donate via Bank transfer

I prefer to receive donations for Memberships via Paypal because it is easier for me to handle them. For donations not related to a membership, or for people who do not want to pay via Paypal/Credit Card, I have opened up a bank account (which also drops the ~5% paypal commission)

In case you want to receive a membership please wire the money, and send me an email with your requested Username& Password  and your Name. (note as it usually takes 2 working days for the money to be credited to the bank account I will send you your login data 2-4 days later). You can also put your Username and your email into the reference text (replace "@" with "AT" as @ is not allowed on the reference form), this makes it easier for me. (if you don't receive an account within 5 working days, drop me a mail (my email is felix   -AT.

Once the money is credited to my account, I will send you an email with your login data.

20€ gets you 1 year, 35€ 2 years, 45€ 3 years, 55€ 4 years, 80€ 8 years, 100€ or more lifelong (as long as I run Membership Access.


My bank account data is:

Name: Felix Hartmann (Floragasse 9/11, 1040 Wien, Austria)

Bic: RZOOAT2L796 (Attention: twice letter O and not number/digit 0-Zero!!!, so its Rich, Zeta, Opera, Opera, Austria, Transfer, 2, Lisa, 7,9,6)

Iban: AT933479620004309852

(or IBAN AT93 3479 6200 0430 9852 if you cannot copy/paste)



10 comments to Membership Options

  • Steffen Mutter

    Die besten Karten zum Radeln diesseits der Milchstraße :-)
    Hut ab, vor der Arbeit und Leistung!
    Ich baue die Karten mit meinem Linux-System auf der Kommandozeile mit – die große Preisfrage ist, ob es damit auch möglich ist, die Europakarte zu bauen, da diese ja nicht aus nur einer ‘exe’ Datei besteht, sondern aus mehreren Einzeldateien.
    Gibt’s da einen Tipp?
    Noch einen Wunsch in Namen aller MTBiker, Garmin bietet Karten für das Dreiländeralpeneck (Deuschland (südlich 48° N),Österreich (westlich 14°O) und Schweiz (östlich 9° O) sowie Italien (nördlich 45,2° N), Slowenien (westlich 14° O) und Liechtenstein (komplett)) an. Das fände ich für Transalpinistis auch auf OpenMTB eine sinnvolles Addon für Premiumkarten, wenn man die Europakarte bauen kann, so sollte die ‘OpenTansalpMap’ auch 4GB als .img zum Schluss nicht überschreiten. Was meinst Du?


    • extremecarver

      1. Jein – theoretisch ja – aber praktisch müsstest du halt vorher die Kacheln reduzieren und auswählen. Also benutz lieber Qlandkarte GT… (oder halt alternativ Mapsource via Wine).
      2. Ich biete genau dieselben Gegenden an wie geofabrik – da werde ich außer Asien Kontinentkarte auch in Zukunft erstmal nichts ändern.

  • ThorstenRienth

    Hallo! Während es kein Problem war, die Höhenlinien der Europakarte zu installieren, habe ich, obwohl ich sie 7z-entpackt habe Probleme, die Höhenlinien der Asienkarte mit aufs Gerät zu bekommen. Was miss ich beachten? Lieben Dank und VG!

  • andreash

    Hallo! Ich habe die Europakarte in Basecamp installiert. Besteht die Möglichkeit die Ortsnamen in der Landessprache anzuzeigen? Sind diese Informationen in der Karte enthalten? Gerade in Tschechien tue ich mich mit den deutschen Übersetzungen oft schwer.
    Danke schon mal im Voraus!

  • Halász Éva

    Hi! I am a member in OpenMtbMap, but I would like to download Europe from Velomap, because it contains contourlines as well. Isn’t my membership and future re-donation valid for Velomap too? So I want to give you common donation, both maps are great for me. Your work is great, anywhere in the world we go bicycling your maps come with us! Bests Éva

    • extremecarver

      You can of course download the Velomap Europa too (on the Europe page, scroll down a little) – for Mac OSX – just scroll down. For Windows all other Velomaps – just click on Download and choose “Velomap Premium Downloads”. You just need to download it from here as the websites got separate databases. But all maps are always downloadable from both sites…

  • elshom

    Hello, I have just downloaded the Turkey and Greece maps from your site. I was really impressed with the map for Turkey (hiking paths visible eg Lycian way, lots of details such as fountains, sites, etc.) Greece seems less detailed. Is that correct or am I missing something? I did select the hiking map, but there are no walking trails visible (I tracked some hikes myself and see my tracks in Basecamp but no underlying lines on the map. Thanks very much for your reply! els

    • extremecarver

      Well it really depends on the area. There are parts in Greece that are well mapped, others no. Same goes for Turkey.. If you believe you did an error on installing – check if you see more detail on If substantially more, then you made an error. If a little more, then update next week and maybe it’s just been added…

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