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Updates later/spaeter

Beim updaten der Karten ist was falschgelaufen, daher kommen die Karten erst heute/heute Nacht. On updating the maps errors occured, therefore updates come during the day/tonight. Edit: 17:51 Die Oesterreich Karten waren zuerst korrupt (entpacken nicht moeglich), daraufhin hat ein layer gefehlt. Ab 19:00 sollte die Karte wieder korrekt zum downloaden sein. Deutschland wird gegen […]

Another Busy Day – 2500 Page Views and about 500 Unique Visitors on the second day – Italy published.

- Open Mountainbike Maps for Italy published — It has not been so busy today compared to yesterday, but many people floded this site nonetheless. The maps were downloaded over 110 times. So not as many people as yesterday (somehow the time of my statistic page is wrong – the yesterday count went up to […]