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Recently there has been a lot of development regarding the address search. It now works on most Garmin GPS (only some automobile units are reported to not yet accept the address index). Just remember only Mapsource and Basecamp can write out the address index for the GPS, so the batch files to create a "gmapsupp.img" will not include address search. Neither can Qlandkarte GT.

In principal the address search works fine, on the limits that OSM address information is not well normed, and often entered wrongly. Basically every month this should get better (both in how mkgmap interpretes the data, and in the data itself).

There are no house numbers present yet  (as mkgmap has not implemented this yet) - so just enter a random number (usually 0 or 1 ) or enter the number field, and exit it with ok.


I will post some more about this when mkgmap address search evolves.


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  • Obermadl

    Hi Felix,

    ich benutze ein etrex 30 mit der openmtbbayern.
    Beim Suchen nach POI´s fällt mir auf, dass fast nur welche angezeigt werden, die als Punkt in OSM gemappt wurden.
    Einige wenige werden allerdings auch angezeigt, bei denen die Tags in die Fläche eingetragen wurden.
    Die mit Abstand meisten Flächen-getaggten POI´s werden jedoch nicht gefunden.
    Wie wertest du diese POI´s aus und was würdest du beim Mappen empfehlen: Punkt oder Fläche taggen?

    Grüße von Ernst

  • Pedaler

    I have gb and es maps on a card in my vista hcx. In this unit, I get the can search for addresses on the gb map but not the es map. I then created a card with only es on and it too would not let me address search. Am I missing something?

    • extremecarver

      well not really. It sometimes behaves strange, if you have a map and no map connection to the place where you are searching. If you copied the full map of Europe for the western half, then I think it would work for Spain (e.g. great britain, France, Spain, and all the sea inbetween). With your current setup, once ur in Spain, you couldn’t search for UK addresses any more. Often a workaround is searching for a city in spain, go there in the map, then search for address in that city…

      Currently there is some work on mkgmap regarding address search done again, hope this bug gets resolved too.

  • Hilar

    Die Karte Japan ist sehr gut. Brauche die Karte zum Geocachen.
    Habe mir deswegen auch die Amerka Karte runtergeladen
    Danke für die sehr gute arbeit die du machst.

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