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  • Alan264

    Hi – does anyone know what new medium size screen devices will run Openmtbmaps? I’m using a Garmin Edge 1000 but as I get older I’m having to stop and put glasses on just to read the tiny screen. What I need is something not as sophisticated as the 1000 but does all the GPS functions using Openmtbmaps. All I use the 1000 for is off road cycling. I don’t need any of the additional gadgets and functions that come with the 1000. Alan UK

    • extremecarver

      Hi Alan, I guess your best bet would be an Oregon 700 and use the wide layout (I guess you already use the wide layout on the edge 1000).

      • Alan264

        Thanks for the reply I appreciate your time and help. Yes I do occasionally use the wide screen layout usually when we’re going off road all day. I did look briefly at the Oregon 700 I’ll go back and have another look. Trying to find out if a device has the back up softeware etc. to use openmtbmaping is proving really hard. Cheers Alan

  • gocropmtb

    I am having a problem with the Czech Republic maps. I am not getting any map detail when I transfer the image file to my GPS.

    So far –
    • Down loaded Czech Republic from your site multiple times (did notice that some image files did not come up with 100% check during the compilation – eg 10044)
    • I’m Using MapInstall not Basecamp
    • Only down loading to micrSD card not GPS memory
    • Tried other countries – Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria – all working beautifully right through to GPS display
    • The image file is loaded to the SDcard and coming up on the GPS, but the detail mapping data is not there
    • Tried partial maps for Czech Republic – same problem.
    • Tried a combined partial Germany and Czech republic map – Germany detail there but not Czech Republic
    • The Czech map still looks OK in Basecamp though?
    Any thoughts?

  • dr.evil96

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Karten auf einem Mac zu betrachten, ohne das schreckliche Basecamp nutzen zu müssen? Ich denke da z.B. an einen Browser.


  • Thomas Saiko

    Kann man die MTB-Karten auch auf das neue Garmin edge830 installieren?
    Hat ja keine SD Karte, wie zB das Oregon.

    • extremecarver

      Ja kannst du – aber du musst umso mehr aufpassen keine karte/kachel doppelt zu senden – wenn du das nicht tust keine Probleme (außer mit dem MTB Profil wo derzeit egal welche karte das Layout kaputt ist – auch bei Garmins eigenen karten).

  • memeciredutemps

    Bonjour, Servus!

    Cela faisait des années que j’utilise tes cartes mais mes moyens, alors limités, ne me permettais pas de t’aider par un abonnement. Ce te,ps est enfin fini!

    Enfin heureux de participer même de façon limitée.

    Encore merci pour ce super boulot.

  • Thomas Spiegel

    Hallo, ich muß nochmals was fragen. bei manchen Routen sagt mir das Oregon550: Route passt nicht zu den vorhandenen Karten! Eine paralell geplante Route funktioniert aber. Gibt es da eine Idee dazu?

    Mit freundlichem Gruß

    Thomas Spiegel

  • hgatter

    Hi I should have access

    my paypal account

    I payed at 20.April 2019

    and got an invoice

    please open my account


    • extremecarver

      Hi hgatter,

      This is actually correct, as you have both an OpenMTBMap account and a VeloMap account. Your VeloMap account was paid for. But because you’ve been so long paying member of both OpenMTBMap and VeloMap (2012-2017 for Openmtbmap, 2013 to now for VeloMap) I just reactivated this account for 25 years. I hope to keep you a paying customer on VeloMap though…

  • Marcello

    Hi, a friend of mine (Fulvio Silvestri) donated 20 euro on June wednesday 5, but he is not allowed to download any map yet. Can you check your data base and send me a feedback?
    All the best, Marcello

    • extremecarver

      Hi Marcello, I cannot find any donation from Fulvio Silvestri – so I guess the credit card got declined – OR he did not enter his address AFTER entering the credit card data and clicking on add 20 euro. Afterwards you still need to enter your address and confirm with the Checkout Now button. If not the payment will not go through. If paying via credit card the confirmation should arrive within 1-2 minutes in any case. With paypal sometimes it can take up to 5-15minutes (usually also 1-2minutes maximum).

  • isone

    Bin richtig sauer-Openmtbmap Profil-wer braucht das-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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