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600+ Visitors on first day, Sponsor for webspace and Germany will be up soon

Hello everyone, what a day! I did not even get to mountainbike today. Been occupied with this site and automating the map generation (plus some improvements) the whole day.

I did expect maybe 100 visits today, but not 600+ (mainly during the last 12 hours). I don’t think many other websites put up privately get that many people on the first day….. Had I known this I would have improved the page design a bit more before posting on forums (,, about this site. I feel quite ashamed about the mess the site is in…

Without help by for hosting the files and the offer by to give me free webspace for uploading the mapsets for you I bet this site would have been taken down already by my filehoster. (I decided for a €3.33 offer with 1GB, unlimited traffic – were you can be more or less sure that they either block your sites until next month or get rid of you according to what I read in forums about them once you get to around 25-30gig traffic per month).

Right now my CPU is running hot compiling Germany. I think it will be uploaded […]

Done for Today

O.k. the main part of the work is done. I think this blog is usable now. I still have to get started on adding a nicer design to this page.

Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria are up and ready to be installed.

I will render a Germany Mapset overnight and have a look for a filehoster. Expect to get it earliest by tomorrow evening. Anyone got a tip which filehoster I should use? I’m tending for Mediafire because AFAIK files uploaded by non premium members to rapidshare are deleted after a certain number of downloads. Please help me out here. I expect the download to be around 400MB in size.

Update: stellt mir Webspace zur Verfuegung, ihr braucht euch also nicht mit Filehostern herumquaelen. – Domainbox provided me with webspace for the maps, better for you and easier for me….