I will update all maps (except bavaria) tonight. I hope it runs through clean. Because my laptop really doesn’t cut it anymore for compiling more countries in decent time, I ordered a new mobo/phenom II 720 (hopefully runs with all 4 cores)/1TB harddisk/8GB Ram which I will put into an old case I still have. Hopefully I can then offer all of Europe (and maybe even North America) for download. Lets see.

BTW – maybe someone can help me. How can I show file properties with WordPress? I want to upload all maps as usual over command.exe with wput, but would prefer that everyone can see the filesize (be it MB or KB) and date so I don’t have to enter that manually. Is there a plugin or could someone write in a comment /send me per mail the html code? I would be very grateful for that. Oh and also the commands for renaming a file via fput or ftp.exe if you know (so I can upload the maps, once done – delete the old maps, and then rename the new maps to the old mapname).

I'm back – some steeze from the weekend

I’m back from my skiing trip. Some steeze on Raxskis (Pictures behind thumbnail around 1MB). Photographer and full copyrights by me (Felix Hartmann)

Seems steep enough, to be worth to take the camera out:

„Hey Tom, get goin“

„Dude, get going. Being over 60 years old is no excuse“ — „o.k. how about that“

It ain’t steep enough – so just go straigt.