Beta Maps – better Autorouting on long distances

Sorry - diesmal auf Englisch: Hello Everyone, I just uploaded to the server new beta maps of Austria and Italy (Germany is still uploading, please don't download until 02:00 CET (02.Dec) - or before it has reached 405 Mbit.

Autorouting in Mapsource works around 50% better if used via car/motorcycle faster route. Now shorter Distance will actually work pretty well too - especially on longer distances and in combination with mode :bicycle. In Mapsource I would advise moving the slider a little bit to prefer highways if using "shorter distance". What I don't know is how well these maps work on your GPS - therefore this is a beta release. On my etrex Vista HCx I could notice a little bit improvement - I do think on Oregon/Dakota or other modern units Improvements will be even bigger - please report back.

Also Autorouting against the traffic flow (if cycleway=opposite; opposite_track; opposite_lane will now be tried to avoided). And Delivery only avoids Primaries/Secondaries - but does not block them (this was actually already on last map Update)


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