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Apoye el sitio Openmtbmap.org y el desarrollo de los mapas

Le dedico un montón de tiempo a los mapas, trabajando en la página web y colaborando en los foros y wiki de OSM para que todo el mundo pueda disfrutar de unos mapas fantásticos para ciclismo de montaña. Si quiere apoyarme en esta labor, por favor contribuya con una donación para motivarme en la continuación del desarrollo de los mapas.

  • Soporte Rápido mediante la función de comentarios ( a menudo respondo en el plazo de unas horas, y casi siempre en menos de dos días...) - in English, German or French.
  • Mapas exclusivos:
    • Mapa que cubre toda Europa incluyendo curvas de nivel para toda Europa
    • Norteamérica (incluyendo curvas de nivel): Estados Unidos (5 partes), Canadá
    • Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Nueva Caledonia, todos ellos incluyen curvas de nivel (y también un ficheros con curvas de nivel para Australia - Oceanía)
    • Curvas de nivel para Sudamérica, América Central y África y Asia.
  • Exclusive Mac OSx format maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • All Openmtbmap and Velomap Maps are now also available for Download in gmap/gmapi format. Easy and Quick installation in Garmin Basecamp for Mac OSX.


  • y en el futuro (eso espero) un foro de soporte en línea (planeado para Abril de 2012) y tutoriales en vídeo (planeados para un futuro próximo).

Nota 2: el acceso sólo funciona para uno de los dos sitios, openmtbmap.org o para www.velomap.org, pero las descargas premium están disponibles desde ambos sitios. Aún así siempre puede poner preguntas/comentarios sobre Velomap en su sección de OpenMTBmap y viceversa (esto es así porque ambos sitios usan diferentes bases de datos). Sin embargo, aquellos que hayan donado 50€ o más pueden enviarme un correo y manualmente copiaré su usuario a ambos sitios.

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I really dislike this situation - but cannot change it for now as otherwise my administrative burden is far too high. I'm not a fan of PayPal at all (that's why the default gateway is Stripe) - but for now there is no better possibility if you have no credit card - or don't want to use your credit card online.

Prefiero recibir las donaciones para la pertenencia al sitio mediante PayPal porque es más fácil para mi gestionarlas. Para las donaciones que no estén relacionadas con la pertenencia al sitio, o para gente que no quiera pagar con PayPal o tarjeta de crédito, he abierto una cuenta bancaria (que también me evita la comisión del 5% de PayPal).


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267 comments to Página de opciones para socios


    I own a Garmin 64S, I downloaded the maps of Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, the Netherlands and Madagascar, with no problems.
    I tried to download the map of Europe, not to have display problems, when I’m in the border areas.
    The map will download without problems, (mtbeurope.exe / mtbeurope.7z / europe-contours 7z), I see perfectly in the PC with the BASE CAMP program.
    I tried to transfer it on the garmin64S memory card, either in full or in part using the MAP SOURCE program, and sche from memory I find the file in the case of partial version (gmapsupp.img 572.016KB9)
    The problem is that when I turn on the Garmin 64S tells me:
    -Unable authenticate maps. contact dealer for service content.
    Entering the menu of the Garmin, which I select the map to use, I find all the maps, but not that of Europe.
    I tried to uninstall all maps to load only the European one, first in full, and then in the partial version, but the problem remains.
    I thank you in advance for the help that you can give me. and congratulations for the work you’re doing.

    Olivo De Bernardo


    Thank you. for the valuable information with which I solved the problem.
    Best regards

    Olivo De Bernardo

  • Steven Eerdekens

    Hi, Is there an openmtbmap for Uganda ?
    Don’t find it in the list.


  • hojbjerre


    I want to download MTB full Europe, but the download seems to stop after a few minutes.
    I have tried many times with the same result.
    am i doing something wrong.

    Best regards.

    • extremecarver

      well which download? The .exe (installer) or the mapfiles (.7z)?
      Have you got enough space on your harddisk?
      for the mapfiles try using a download manager with resume support – e.g. Free Download Manager – or at least something like Down Them All Firefox plugin – that would also tell you more meaningful reason why the download stopped. is the antivirus maybe interfering wrongly?

  • egeo_81

    Quiero instalar el Russia Asian part pero no encuentro el archivo rusia asia contour lines.

  • juehoe

    Hi Felix,
    as I said before, the MTBPortugal.exe map has a VIRUS! Trojan VBS.Kalhine.A is detected by AVAST and by Endpoint Protection.
    Unfortunately it cannot be installed.

    • extremecarver

      It is not a virus but a false positive. Use virustotal.com to check!
      There are three .vbs files (all code signed by me!) which are in use for the batch files to download additional tools from my homepage. They get falsely flagged! You can open the vbs files with any text editor to check their content!

  • carronroger


    Could you tell me how download map of Cape Verde Islands

    Thank you for your answer

    Best regards

    Roger Carron

  • Frans

    Hi Felix,

    I used the search button to find anything on using the maps on Qmapshack (in Linux).
    Before I used the maps on Qlandkarte but this is not supported anymore.

    Do you have an instruction / tutorial?

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance!


  • erich.a.harvey@cox.net

    Good day – I just donated in order to download US MTB maps. I followed the instructions to download the N.E regin maps and used the tool to create a gmapsupp image map and installed the the Garmin folder on my Edge 820. However the trails seem out of date as they are much less detailed than the default Garmincycle maps and the current openstreet maps. Am I doing something wrong?

    • extremecarver

      Can you take some screenshots? Garmin cycle maps are also based on openstreetmap (and much more out of date). There could be one catch for the region – maybe there are many ways tagged as access=private? I tend to take them out of the map – because it’s not allowed to use them. Note this tag is not about ownership per se. access=private means only the owner may use them.

      • erich.a.harvey@cox.net

        I’ll take a look on open streetcars to see the tag. But the trails show up on trail downloaded to my edge from garmin.openstreetmap.nl. The trails, although more outdated, are included on default open cycle maps. And the latest trails show on Strava. I’ll see if I can take some screenshots

        • extremecarver

          well I think all those maps do not try to filter out private ways. So without seeing a screenshot or example of a specific trail/way I cannot try to solve it/explain why they don’t show up. Not showing such trails makes a lot of sense – as in general it is not wise to use them (e.g. in South America loads of private trails – but you will get serious problems if you use them, in Europe not very common but it allows to filter out ways in people private gardens and so on which when arriving you would note are unusable anyhow – but clutter the map and make planning more difficult).

  • gianni-48

    Da mein Abo abläuft habe heute versucht mit Kreditkarte zu bezahlen.
    Scheint nicht zu funktionieren!
    Paypal habe und will ich nicht
    Gruss Hans

  • gianni-48

    Heute habe ich es nochmals probiert und zwar:
    anderer Browser
    andere Kreditkarte
    leider ohne Erfolg, somit läuft heute mein Abo ab.
    Wünsche openmtb weiterhin viel Erfolg

    • extremecarver

      Hallo Hans,
      kann es sein dass du nachdem eingeben der Kreditkartendaten und Klick auf “add XX €” deine Adresse nicht eingegeben hast – und unten auf den gelben “pay now – jetzt bezahlen” Button geklickt hast?
      Ich arbeite seit Wochen daran diesen zweiten Schritt wegzubekommen – aber dafür brauche ich noch 2-3 Wochen.

      Abgesehen davon ist derzeit AFAIK nur die Kombination von Kaspersky Internet Security UND Firefox problematisch (betrifft nicht Kaspersky Antivirus) – da Kasperky hier Schrott baut (aber okay mit Chrome, Edge oder Internet Explorer).

  • kaydes

    How to I turn on the contour lines? I installed it exactly to the instruction but I can barely see the lines, they render extremely finely and light colour.
    I am not sure that they are even the proper contour lines as they are very very basic (the ones that I can see)
    I have my map set to Classic
    I use a Garmin Epix
    Mac or PC
    Australia map and contours
    Cheers mate!

    • extremecarver

      Hi Kayde,
      1. make sure you can see them in Basecamp! (they will not show up in Mapsource should you still be using it).
      2. make sure when sending the maps – to select all maptiles by dragging with left mouse button held down. Else you might not send them.
      3. make sure in the map setup menu on the Epix – the maps are active (there maybe two entries – one for contourlines one for the maps themselves).

      4. I have never used an epix – maybe it cannot show transparent maps? The contourlines are in principle a transparent map that should appear above the map itself. Can you activate several maps? In that case maybe try to send the contourlines as a separate map (on windows use the option to install contourlines as a separate map).

      • kaydes

        Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried everything you suggested. The problem is that the contour lines are too thin and are just extremely difficult to see, to the point that they are useless.
        How can I easily increase the width of the lines drawn?

        • extremecarver

          on a pc you could install the contourline maps as a separate map (and not integrate them) – then send both maps separately. Then you get the default layout for the contourlines – I really don’t know how the epix will display it then – but it’s worth a try.

          Else you could change the layout of the .typ-file. The contourlines are 0x20,0x21 and 0x22 – e.g. with MapTK on PC. But that’s a bit more complicated.

          • kaydes

            Thanks. I will need all the complicated info you can give me, cos the contour lines have got to be wider regardless. I tried every combination of installing the maps including what you mentioned. Nothing changed the displaying of the contour lines. they are simple one pixel wide or so and almost imperceivable,

            • extremecarver

              well get “Map Toolkit” from here: http://www.maptk.dnsalias.com/
              with it you can change the .typ file (whichever you chose in the installer) and then change line types 0x20 to 0x22 to make them wider. Then send the maps again with the modified .typ.

              • kaydes

                Can you please clarify what exactly it is that I am changing…
                there are many many lines that include that. None of which that I can find that involves the words “line type”.
                How do I find the contours section etc.

              • kaydes

                Okay, so I figured how to change the lines drawn for the contourlines (with typviewer), however it has now become apparent why the contour lines were so hard to see before. They aren’t rendering at all in large sections as detailed in the photo uploaded.
                Please let me know what the deal is with that.


                • extremecarver

                  okay – well that seems to be some kind of bug. There are two things you can check:
                  1. try out if there is a difference if you make the line a line without border (“no bitmap”) – or a pattern (“bitmap”)
                  2. On either of the two options try if you see a difference wheter you the the “Use orienation” checkbox or not. By default it’s unchecked – but maybe the lines will display correctly with “use orientation” checked.

                  Maybe as said under 1. the epix does not support bitmap/pattern lines – and only solid lines (and in that case I mean solid using the no bitmap option with line and border) – and maybe even only solid lines with “use orientation”? Basically it’s 4 possibilities – could be that one or two of them work – or none work (in that case it would mean Epix does not support transparent makes – similar to Garmin Mapsource).

  • cjmd


    It seems that Google Earth isn’t compatible with BaseCamp on my Windows 10 laptop. Seperately, both programs are functioning well.
    As for Google Earth, I have authorized my McAfee Live Save Firewall to full internet communication.

    Yours sincerely,

  • cjmd


    Problem solved by using Google Earth Pro instead of Google Earth.

    Kind regards,

  • Scott_G-Zero

    warum erschein beim Downladen der Premiumkarte folgendes:

    Premiummitglied Werden

    Hi Ralf Es wär ein Wahnsinn, wenn du weiterhin, ab und zu, Openmtbmap.org unterstützen könntest

    Vielen Dank dass du einmal, oder schon mehrmals für deine Openmtbmap Mitgliedschaft gezahlt hast. Nur dadurch kann ich weiterarbeiten, und hier den Support leisten. Es wäre wirklich toll, wenn du auch bei bestehendem Account, jedes Jahr, oder jedes zweite Jahr etwas bezahlst.

    Dein Account ist aktiviert bis: Access Expires: Jul 1st, 2026, 1:19 pm UTC

    Wenn ich die Karte auf den Garmin installiere, dann kommt die Meldung “Karte nicht freigeschaltet” . Ich kann sie auf dem Edge 1000 nicht freischalten, obwohl die Installationerfolgreich war, aber die Karte nicht sichtbar ist?

    Gruß Ralf

  • Scott_G-Zero

    Hallo nochmals,
    die Karte die ich Downloaden möchte ist die von Thailand.

    Gruß Ralf

  • Berggais

    Ich möchte meine Mitgliedschaft kündigen da ich die Karten nicht mehr benutze.
    Reicht da diese Mitteilung oder muss ich anders vorgehen?
    Vielen Dank für eine Antwort.

  • Siegfried Saliternig

    Ich habe einen Teil meiner Europakarte über Basecamp auf meine Micro SD Karte geladen (in Ordner Garmin wie beschrieben!)
    Wenn ich die SD Karte in meinen Garmin Edge 1000 einlege und einschalte, erhalte ich die Meldung ” Karte nicht freigeschaltet”
    Woran könnte das liegen?
    Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe!!

    lg Sigi

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