Inviare le mappe al proprio GPS


Ci sono diversi modi per farlo. Siete pregati di guardare nei sottomenu. Principalmente potete:

1. Usare Mapsource/Basecamp (sotto Windows)

2. Usare mkgmap (multi-piattaforma)

3. Usare Qlandkarte GT (multi-piattaforma) - potrebbe essere difficile da compilare per il vostro sistema operativo.

4. Convertire le mappe (usando Windows) per usarle su Garmin Roadtrip per Mac OSx ed usarlo al posto di Mapsource.

5. Usare sendmap.

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  • Giampaolo Gravili

    I’m Giampaolo Gravili from Italy. Premising that I have many difficulties with the PC I have a question to ask: I downloaded three of your maps on my PC (on Base Camp): omtb_italy_30.10.2019, omtb_spain.04.05.2019 and openmtbmap-srtm-ES-12-Jun-2018. I successfully transferred the map of Italy to my Garmin Montana 610 gps, but when I tried to transfer the map of Spain, that of Italy was deleted (while remaining in the list of maps). I tried in vain to transfer both at the same time, maybe they are too big for the gps? Considering that Italy interests me entirely, but that I am interested in Spain only the northern part (the way of Santiago de Compostela French way) is it possible to transfer only this part? Thanks for your attention and for a prompt reply.
    Giampaolo Gravili

    • extremecarver

      Usually MapInstall should not delete maps when you send new ones – except overwrite an older version of the same map. It it happens you can do two things:
      a) send all maps at once.
      b) hide the maps – by changing the map ending temporarily (.bak instead of .img for example). They are stored as gmapsupp.img in the /garmin folder on the device/SD card. – after sending just name them e.g. mtbspain.img mtbfrance.img and so on. But if it is still showing in the list of maps on your device – it was not deleted. In border regions one map can overlap another with empty content – so disable the maps you don’t use. If you often cross the border – better use the Europe map instead.

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