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  • boki07

    Hi there,

    I have a Garmin Edge 800 and I was wondering if it also supports .gdb tracks as all my tracks are in .gdb, or only routes? Is there any option to customize the software on it in order to support tracks? Thanks in advance for any help.


    • extremecarver

      gdb is a garmin specific enhanced version of gpx files. You can google for converters from gdb to gpx if you need – GDB (Garmin database Format) is however also supported by some non garmin software tools.
      Routes have to be GDB, Tracks can be GPX or GDB on your edge 800.

      • boki07

        Hmm, but when I copy the tracks to the device from Mapsource, it only copies one track (I have usually the tracks divided in 2 or more parts). My tracks are saved in GDB.

        • extremecarver

          Mapsource is a bit special there – it sometimes deletes stuff when sending new things. For tracks and routes – using Basecamp and just drag and drop to the device is way easier.
          You can convert from GDB to GPX (but usually not the other way round).

  • gbal

    I’am waiting for the last Alps issue (should be on Friday 04th January I think) but I still see the 22th December as last issue.
    Is there some delay?

  • Stefan Gerstenberg

    bitte prüfe meinen Status .
    Geld wurde überwiesen

    • extremecarver

      Ich nehme an du wolltest per Kreditkarte direkt bezahlen – so wie zuletzt September 2017? Pass auf dass du nach Eingabe der Kredtikartendaten im Popup – noch deine Adresse zurück im alten Feld einibst – und dann mit dem gelben Checkout Now – Jetzt Bezahlen Button bestätigst. Erst dann geht die Zahlug durch.

  • pOldO_trek

    Hello , thanks for accept my subscription. My first question is: can I write to you in italian language too ? are there any SPECIAL recommendation for GARMIN 1030 ?
    I receive this devise as a gift but I found some trouble to install openmtbmap… What do you suggest ?

    I’m normally use BASE CAMP 462 …

    thanks in advance

    • extremecarver

      Hi Poldo_Trek – If you write Italian I will have to mainly use google translate or similar – so better no. Edge 1030 is pretty standard for new devices – you cannot use Unicode maps and it has a bit limited settings on the autorouting setup – otherwise fine. I prefer Oregon series but also have an edge for testing or if I want a light device. Layout wide.
      I don’t know what kind of trouble you faced installing – tell me what you did and where you got stuck – else I cannot help.

  • MTBEule

    I just payed 15€ but it still says that my membership has been expired

  • KLH68

    Hello: I downloaded and installed the Great Britain map on my older Garmin etrex Legend last summer to take my wife on a walking tour of the northern area of the Cottswolds. It worked great. Now planning a walking trip to Ireland.

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