Another Busy Day – 2500 Page Views and about 500 Unique Visitors on the second day – Italy published.

- Open Mountainbike Maps for Italy published ---


It has not been so busy today compared to yesterday, but many people floded this site nonetheless. The maps were downloaded over 110 times.
So not as many people as yesterday (somehow the time of my statistic page is wrong - the yesterday count went up to 5000 page views and 700 unique visitors) but still many many mountainbikers interested in high quality maps. Great

I got behind the problem of the Swiss maps not being compatible with Mapsource 6.15.4 (been using an old program) but now it's fine. Actually I only need to do one click now to update a map. Only getting maps done the first time really takes time. Except for Germany the maps compile with reasonable speed, so I will add some countries. Italy is just being generated and France comes too.

This weekend I gotta work elsewhere, so from tomorrow evening no more updates till Sunday we (Tom, Watzlaf and me) need to test some new raxski prototypes, so no new features will be added anymore over the weekend. Spring Conditions in the mountains (even too hot), but still plenty of snow in the east of Austria (around 4m at 1500m altitude at Hochkar).
Italy is uploading rigt now. For France you will have to wait till next week.

Look at Roma, it's plastered with drinkinkwater ..... Italians still have a lot to catch up though on the OSM. Lets hope this map helps. If anyone speeks Italian - spread some words on italian mountainbike Forums please.

Ein weiterer Tag mit viel zu tun.....
Falls einer meiner Besucher Italienisch spricht, bitte, bitte oeffnets ein Topic in italiensichen Mountainbike oder OSM Foren, die Italienischen Mountainbiker muessen noch viel arbeiten damit ihre Karten brauchbar werden. Hoffentlich kann ihnen dabei helfen.

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