Done for Today

O.k. the main part of  the work is done. I think this blog is usable now.  I still have to get started on adding a nicer design to this page.

Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria are up and ready to be installed.

I will render a Germany Mapset overnight and have a look for a filehoster. Expect to get it earliest by tomorrow evening. Anyone got a tip which filehoster I should use? I'm tending for Mediafire because AFAIK files uploaded by non premium members to rapidshare are deleted after a certain number of downloads. Please help me out here. I expect the download to be around 400MB in size.

Update: stellt mir Webspace zur Verfuegung, ihr braucht euch also nicht mit Filehostern herumquaelen. - Domainbox provided me with webspace for the maps, better for you and easier for me....

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