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I spend a lot of time working on the maps, working on this homepage and working on the OSM wiki/forums in order so that everyone can enjoy nice maps for mountainbiking. If you want to support me in doing that, then please pay a bit to motivate me to continue developing.

You Get in Return (as a member):

  • Quick Support via comment function ( I usually answer within a few hours, and nearly always under 2 days...)
  • Exclusive maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • Single map of Europe including contourlines of complete Europe
    • North America (including contourlines): United States (5 parts), Canada
    • South America country maps for most countries (including contourlines)
    • Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia all including contourlines (and also a contourlines file for all Australia-Oceania)
    • Contourlines for Africa and Asia country maps
    • Contourlines for South-America, Central-America and Africa and Asia and more - you get contourlines for all maps offered here (all except Asia as continent are integrated and simply need to be copied into the map folder).
  • Exclusive Mac OSx format maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • All Openmtbmap and Velomap Maps are now also available for Download in gmap/gmapi format. Easy and Quick installation in Garmin Basecamp for Mac OSX.


Note1: The login only works for either Openmtbmap or Velomap, but the premium downloads are always available on both sites. You can still post comments/questions specific to Velomap in the Velomap section on Openmtbmap and vice versa (this is due to both websites having different databases. People who pay 50€ or more, may email me and I manually copy the login to both sites.)

Note2: If you paid in the past (so you already have an account) and would like to extend your membership, please login, then you will see the prices for extension/reactivation of your account!



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After payment you get a link sent by mail which enables you to create an account on With this account you can access the premium sections/downloads and you can use the reply function on all pages, I'll try to answer all questions. If you don't receive an email for login within 5 minutes after sending the payment, please look into your Spam folder.


There are 2 Options

1. First year support/acess to downloads for €20, then € 13 for each year. You can cancel the payment whenever you like on Paypal. (needs a credit card linked to your Paypal Account.). If you don't cancel before the year is over, the payment will continue each year - It's a subscription.

2. Pay for a fixed term. 20€ for 1 year, 35€ for 2 years ... and so on. See the dropdown box.

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Sorry - thanks to the EU VATMOSS rules I cannot offer payment via simple Bank transfer for now. There is one workaround though - you can open up a Paypal Account - wire money to it, and then use it to pay (no subscriptions - one time payments only without credit card).

I really dislike this situation - but cannot change it for now as otherwise my administrative burden is far too high. I'm not a fan of PayPal at all (that's why the default gateway is Stripe) - but for now there is no better possibility if you have no credit card - or don't want to use your credit card online.

For people who do not want to pay via Paypal/Credit Card, I have opened up a bank account. In case you want to receive a membership please wire the money, and send me an email with your requested Username. (note as it usually takes 2 working days for the money to be credited to the bank account I will send you your login data 2-4 days later).

Once the money is credited to my account, I will send you an email with your login data ( 2-4 days later). You can also put your requested Username and your email into the reference text (replace "@" with "AT" as @ is not allowed on the reference form), this makes it easier for me. (if you don't receive an account within 5 working days, drop me a mail (my email is felix At


20€ gets you 1 year, 35€ 2 years, 45€ 3 years, 55€ 4 years, 80€ 8 years, 100€ or more lifelong (as long as I run Membership Access.


My bank account data is:

new bank account data soon. Please don't use the old account data anymore - due to neu EU Vat regulations as of 1.1.2015 (see more about it on #Vatmoss on Twitter for example). I am working hard on offering a new solution to pay/donate via bank transfer.

237 comments to Membership Options

  • juehoe

    Hi Felix,
    as I said before, the MTBPortugal.exe map has a VIRUS! Trojan VBS.Kalhine.A is detected by AVAST and by Endpoint Protection.
    Unfortunately it cannot be installed.

  • egeo_81

    Quiero instalar el Russia Asian part pero no encuentro el archivo rusia asia contour lines.

  • hojbjerre


    I want to download MTB full Europe, but the download seems to stop after a few minutes.
    I have tried many times with the same result.
    am i doing something wrong.

    Best regards.

    • extremecarver

      well which download? The .exe (installer) or the mapfiles (.7z)?
      Have you got enough space on your harddisk?
      for the mapfiles try using a download manager with resume support – e.g. Free Download Manager – or at least something like Down Them All Firefox plugin – that would also tell you more meaningful reason why the download stopped. is the antivirus maybe interfering wrongly?

  • Steven Eerdekens

    Hi, Is there an openmtbmap for Uganda ?
    Don’t find it in the list.



    Thank you. for the valuable information with which I solved the problem.
    Best regards

    Olivo De Bernardo


    I own a Garmin 64S, I downloaded the maps of Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, the Netherlands and Madagascar, with no problems.
    I tried to download the map of Europe, not to have display problems, when I’m in the border areas.
    The map will download without problems, (mtbeurope.exe / mtbeurope.7z / europe-contours 7z), I see perfectly in the PC with the BASE CAMP program.
    I tried to transfer it on the garmin64S memory card, either in full or in part using the MAP SOURCE program, and sche from memory I find the file in the case of partial version (gmapsupp.img 572.016KB9)
    The problem is that when I turn on the Garmin 64S tells me:
    -Unable authenticate maps. contact dealer for service content.
    Entering the menu of the Garmin, which I select the map to use, I find all the maps, but not that of Europe.
    I tried to uninstall all maps to load only the European one, first in full, and then in the partial version, but the problem remains.
    I thank you in advance for the help that you can give me. and congratulations for the work you’re doing.

    Olivo De Bernardo

    • extremecarver

      Hi Olivo,
      you need to get the “Non Unicode” maps for countries where the normal download is UC (Unicode) – they will work (use the Non Unicode tab on top of the download page(s) for chosing the correct download).

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