Send maps with Basecamp (Mapinstall) or Mapsource

Video Tutorial about sending maps with MapInstall – below explanations are more detailled:


Some Basics about sending maps to your GPS device

There are a few possibilities to send maps to your GPS Device. As I assume you are using Garmin Basecamp – the easiest is to just send them from Garmin Basecamp. And fastest way of sending is always to the microSD card – in a cardreader – because most Garmin devices devices don’t have fast USB chips.

Alternatively for Windows users only – you could scroll down to the explications how to send maps with Mapsource – this has the advantage of having a full screen map selection possibility – while the Mapinstall windows to select the tiles is a bit small. Otherwise there are no advantages.

For Linux Users – the easiest is to send maps using Qlandkarte GT – please read the Qlandkarte GT tutorial for that.

Last you could generate the gmapsupp.img with mkgmap – then put it on your microSD – there is another tutorial for this, but it’s a bit more complicated (only advantage is that it’s a bit faster).


Please note – you cannot install the maps on […]