Map Updates 22.01.2010

New rcn_ref cycle nodes are inside the map (important for the Netherlands). Searchable via marine objects, navigation aid. Also trails tagged with mtb:scale or mtb:scale:uphill are rendered in resolution 21. Due to some recent changes in mkgmap some oneway combinations are broken, so routing might be a bit worse than before. Also some downhill only trails are corrupted. On the other hand maps now have blue sea and I had to adapt the typfile for some polygons. mtb:scale is now by default in the classic typfile not mapped, you can change the color yourself if you wan't to highlight them.

Well mtb:scale:uphill and incline are still missing from JOSM, but here is the style nevertheless
 It's published under CCBYSA 2.0 by Please provide attribution if you change/distribute or use it.

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