Premium Gmapsupp.img – directly for Garmin GPS units

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To Try Out you can download the map of Austria (and contourlines) for free! All other maps are only for members.

Openmtbmap – Austria – Gmapsupp (MD5) VeloMap – Austria – Gmapsupp (MD5) Contourlines – Austria – Gmapsupp_20m (MD5) Contourlines – Austria – Gmapsupp_10m (MD5) Velomap – Austria – Buildings (MD5)

You can also download the Desktop version of most countries for free here:


InstructionsNon Unicode DownloadsUnicode DownloadsContourlines 20mContourlines 10mVelo Buildings

Why should you download the gmapsupp.img format maps?

For simplicity, I’ve now also made all countries available as gmapsupp.img download – which after unpacking – you can directly move onto your GPS device. Europe, Africa and Asia as full continent maps are too big to offer as gmapsupp.img maps – the Europe continent contourlines are available as gmapsupp.img download however.

Note – this way you loose the possibility to only upload a part of a map to your device as you could do using MapInstall (or Mapsource for Windows users). The advantage is that you can very quickly change the layout (on both Windows, as well as Mac […]