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Polylines (Highways):

Explanation: There are 6 layouts in total. Colorwise however "thin""wide"  "clas" are all the same. Easy and Hiking are only slightly different. They only differ in the width of the lines to best match the different GPS. The mapsource/Qlandkarte GT layout (referred to as "trad" from now on) however has different colors, with less contrast. Therefore in this mag legend for Polylines (Highways) there are always two examples. One using the "trad" layout (on the top), and one using the "clas" layout below).

Please note, as this question often pops up, many variables like tracktype are just munged together from other keys like smoothness or surface. If you want to know what is the primary factor please read the sourcecode of the style-file (see FAQ).


Thin, Classic or Wide?

This choice exists only for the standard layout. It depends on your device DPI which to choose. Thin has the thinnest lines - it is suited for older low DPI Garmin GPS devices. (60CSx, Dakota). Classic is in the middle (similar width to easy, trad (desktop) and hiking layout) - it is suited for devices like Vista HCx, Etrex 20/30, edge 705. Wide layout has the widest lines - it is for high DPI devices like Oregon, etrex 30x, Colorado, or edge 1000. Most Garmin devices presented 2015 or later fall in that category. Because traditionally the high DPI devices had lower contrast - the Wide layout has highest contrast. It looks pretty bad on desktop use though.


Quick guide to the colors used for ways and tracks:

Red=tracks which are wide enough for a car to pass. Unpaved - the smaller/more dottet the segments of the line are - the worse/less even the surface.

Black/Grey/: Cycleway or paved track.

Green: Singletrail / small trail with mtb classification (mtb:scale) - from 0 easy to 5 (good trial skill needed) - again the smaller the segments - the more difficult

Brown: Path - usually rated according to the Swiss Alpine Club hiking trail classification. Again - the smaller the segments - the more difficult.

In general for brown/red/ ways: If a way is not rated for difficulty - it will be shown as continuous line.


Main Highways "trad" layoutMain highways "clas" layout


Ways with mtb attributes or sac_scale (clickable thumbnails for full size)

Ways with mtb attributes - "clas" layout


Additional ways and lines (clickable thumbnails for full size)

Additional ways and lines - "trad" layoutAdditonal ways and lines "clas" layout


Points of Interest

Restaurants and Shopping


Sport and Tourism


Municipal and other POI





Sport and Public Places:


Natural and Tourism


Abbreviations and Highway Attributes:

M12 / Mr34 -- the first number is the mtb:scale, the second number the mtb:scale:uphill. "r" stands for the way being part of a mtb route. See:
G1 -- tracktype=grade1 See:
S2 -- sac_scale=S2 (mountain hiking) See:

Xbk --bicycle=no
Cr Or Mr -- route=bicycle / route=mtb See:


Pri=primary / primary_link




Bktrk - cycleway=track
Opp - cycleway=opposite
Opptrk - cycleway=opposite_track


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