Garmin PNAs The maps are compatible with nearly all Garmin PNAs with a color screen (e.g. Legend/Vista HCx and Cx, etrex x0, 6062/76CSx, Oregon, Colorado,Edge 705/800, Dakota, most Nuvi, some Streetmap).


Compatibility - Standard (Unicode) vs Non Unicode (cannot authenticate maps / cannot unlock maps)

In general just download the Maps from the first "VeloMap" tab - they are in unicode if useful. If you get the message - "cannot authenticate maps" or "cannot unlock maps", and you have  you have one of the following devices:

  • All Garmin devices presented 2016 or newer
  • Edge 1000
  • Epix
  • Etrex 20x / 30x (not "etrex 30")
  • Etrex Touch 25/35
  • GPS Maps 64 series
  • Montana 610, 680 (not 600 / 650)
  • Oregon 700,750
  • Some recent Nuvi devices - as well as some super old devices that do not support Unicode. (E.g. Garmin Vista C, GPS Maps 60 C)

you will need to download the "non unicode" version of the map instead. So get the map from the "non unicode openmtbmap or velomap" tab instead. Only maps of regions where several different scripts are used - are in unicode. If Latin is the predominant script - then of course no unicode map is offered. If your device can display Unicode maps - then of course get the standard version - meaning Unicode. Non Unicode maps require registration to download.

Garmin Mapsource 6.16.3 or newer (Windows based PC/Wine/ Mac) Mapsource compatible - I recommend using 6.16.3. If you have not yet installed Mapsource - here is how to do it:

Attention. Mapsource versions older than 6.16.1 do now show all streets and ways, so do not use them with the openmtbmaps. Also note that Mapsource does not show contourlines at the same time as the maps (Basecamp does though).

Attention: Garmin Mapsource does not show the contourlines (correctly).

Garmin Basecamp - Perfectly compatible starting with version 3.

Qlandkarte GT (since version 1.0) - Cross Platform - no autorouting support though. Comes with most Linux distributions, binaries for Windows available, other platforms need to compile. Best use latest version. There are constant improvements.

PDA, Smartphone (Windows CE or ME) Also compatible with Garmin Mobile XT (installable to any Windows Smartphone) - Garmin Mobile XT does. If you don't want to buy Garmin Mobile XT there is also Glopus (as of version 2.02

beta or higher) and Qlandkarte M which you can try. Neither of the latter supports autorouting however. Some POI are not shown on Mobile XT. Areas and ways/roads/highways are all correctly shown. Note also I'm not sure if all roads/lines are shown.

Incompatibilities: Iphone, IQue 3600 (and others?), old Garmin handhelds without color screen and (micro)SD card. Any other program or PNA that doesn't support .TYP-files.  (like TTQV, Compegps,....)

Oregon / Dakota / 62 series / edge 800 and streetname bug:

I spent a lot of time to find out what exactly could cause the Oregon (if no beta firmware installed) or the edge 800 to drop streetnames (or more correctly the labels of it on the devices). After having another idea, I got it solved by providing a lot of testmaps to User Ritzenflitzer on forum.

The problem is related to the fact, that the devices stop showing any streetname labels, if one of the types 0x00 to 0x07 (and 0x0b) labels are set to invisible. This however not only to the map that is currently active, but to all maps on the GPS, and only showing up after a hard reset.

Therefore here is what you have to do if you are plagued with this problem. Only use openmtbmaps from May 6. 2011 update onwards on your GPS and do a hardreset to get the maps shown with streetlabels. However watch out, there are plenty of other maps that can cause this problem. Most notably the Garmin Topo Deutschland 2010 as coming preinstalled on microSD memory card (the dvd version is fine though with default typfile). There are several other (mainly OSM based) maps that hide labels of theese types, so be careful, if you include any of them on your GPS, the streetnames will not be shown (sorry, cannot tell you which, just try it out yourself ).

Note that this bug happens with Garmin maps too (like Topo Deutschland 2010) and is a firmware bug, that hopefully gets fixed in the future.

Address Search:

Note that address search is still a bit experimental, and sometimes addresses are lost and not in the index. Also no seraching for housenumbers yet (though you have to enter a housenumber). I recommend buying and installing Garmin City Navigator maps, to have working address search on the GPS (you have to deactive the City Navigator map though, so it is not used for autorouting or shown): More on this here:

Not that some OSM based maps (those were you can search for addresses as POI) may run havoc and crash the POI search (definitely on etrex series).  This happens as soon as the map is on the GPS, it does not have to be active.

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