Howto Setup your GPS


For proper Tracklogs so that you can upload your tracks to openstreetmap -  please disable "lock on road" and enable "save tracklog to SD card" on units that have a SD card..... To find out how to set this up please google, or download the helpfile for your Garmin unit.


Autorouting options in detail:

Using the different vehicle options (like taxi or emergency) allows you to finetune the routing (which streets to include / exclude) Please look here for more in-depth explanation:    

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  • lucianoIT60

    Thank’ you Feli.. latest registered and payed 🙂

  • Maoloner

    Ciao, ho scaricato il file OpenMTBMap , installato su Garmin 66 sr, ma quando cerco tra le mappe non lo vede .Al contrario su basecamp è presente.

    • extremecarver

      sorry your question contains absolutely no details, so i cannot help you! Which map? How did you send it? Is it a unicode map? You will need the Non unicode map on your 66 (e.g. Europe continent map, Italy country map is always non unicode)

  • thierry28722

    Followed all your instructions to be able to transfer” mtbnorway.gmapi ” datas such maps + contours to my Etrex legend ( directly to the SD Card) Using Base Camp : did not work !
    Also , in base camp , I have the basic map but no contours and very few indications despite the map is present in the base camp file. Do not know what to do ….Mac OS 10 15 1 Catalina / Garmin Etrex Legend HCx

    • extremecarver

      The solution is easy. For the Europe map you actually not only have to install (or move) the gmapi file, but also unpack and move the mapdata. You have not done this. You will need to clean the basecamp cache too afterwards before it will show correctly however.
      see step 2ab).

      • thierry28722

        Many thanks : All ok now . I formatted completely the SD micro Card on the Etrex , removed all maps on Base camp and restarted everything again : New download and new reload of contours , then transferred the map with Garmin map install on a dedicated SD microcard called “Norway” and everything is fine .
        Done the same thing with France map download on another SD micro card : all ok and this map has the contours included!
        Many thanks to you : fantastic work

    • extremecarver

      ups sorry – of course not the map data – but the contours data. For Norway it is pretty big so not part of the installer (for europe map it would be both contours and mapdata separate).

  • Giampaolo Gravili

    Salve, ho difficoltà a mettere sul mio dispositivo GPS Garmin Montana 610 le mappe dell’Italia della Spagna e dell’Europa, che ho regolarmente scaricato sul mio computer. Puoi aiutarmi spiegandomi passo dopo passo come fare? Grazie. Giampaolo Gravili

    • extremecarver

      Hi Giampaolo, It’s really hard if you don’t tell me where you have trouble. You know the Montana 610 does not accept Unicode maps – so you will need to use the Non Unicode version of the Europe map. 2. Is MapInstall up to date? 4.1.x works well or the most up to date version – but 4.2.0 is broken.

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