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Inner City usage Example:

 Imagine visiting Vienna the first time, most visitors will use the public transport to get around, and miss many beatiful places by going undergound... A visitor with my maps installed will instead switch on his GPS, search for the next free Citybike (you can get them 1 hour for free), be guided to it walking, switching over to bicycle mode (avoid toll roads) then search for attractions nearby, sees that Schoenbrunn is in only 6km distance, and get guided over cycleways instead of big streets to Schoenbrunn. Once arrived, and thirsty, simply search for the next free drinking water which is just a few meters away (but would have been difficult to find without map) to still the thirst and then enjoy the beautiful gardens of Schoenbrunn, noticing happily that nearly every small detail is already correctly mapped.


Outdoor usage Example:

You plan your route in Mapsource, setting every 1-20 km waypoints because you can enjoy your PC Monitor to more easily get an overview, like you would have done with any other maps too. But instead of wondering whether a trail suits your mountainbiking abilities or whether it will be a 1-2 hour walk with your MTB on your back instead of riding it, you can identify via the mtb:scale difficulty scheme, based on the singletrail scale, you suit your route to your abilities and likes. Now in case on your route bad wheather comes in, you can search for shelters or alpine huts and be guided to the next one, activating bicycle mode, because trails have become so slippy with the rain, that you prefer to be guided on easier trails. Therefore you activate shorter route and avoid toll roads (while usually you would use faster route and car/motorcycle with no avoidances checked.First of all, if you haven't got it by now. The maps are made from the map data of www.openstreetmap.org So don't complain about the mapping quality here - but get over to www.openstreetmap.org to add missing attributes, streets, forests, POI and so on. By downloading these maps you should consider uploading your GPS tracks to openstreetmap and/or help out if you find errors or missing data. Everything about openstreetmap can be found at wiki.openstreetmap.org.My map development started out when I was unsatisfied of about the quality of "Computerteddys" files - which are fine, but not if you like beautiful maps and want them to show the work you put into openstreetmap - especially when it comes to attributes for Mountainbiking. See here -->http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Mountainbike and especially here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:mtb:scaleI provide these maps in the hope that more people will get out and actually use the mtb:scale key. Openstreetmap gives us the ability to really create mtb focussed maps - like no other map provider has ever done. Because for most people actually compiling maps with custom style-files and using multilevels will be too demanding - you can get them here.Please note that right now I don't provide contourlines with the maps. I will at some point offer contourlines to be added to you maps (there is no reason to distribute it as a single package, as it's easier to have that data seperated, so on updating you maps you don't need to redownload the contourlines. The big problem is that the only source of data which has good quality also in mountaineous regions (where we need it most) - Jonathan de Ferranti - is not possible to be included due to liscense questions.

Wien Praterstert - pretty nice to see how good Vienna is mapped.
Wien Praterstert - pretty nice to see how good Vienna is mapped.



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  • oehme

    im März d.J. bekam ich die Nachricht, das der Jahresbeitrag von € 13,- per PayPal bezahlt wurde.
    Heute nun beim Einloggen die Nachricht, meine Mitgliedschaft sei ausgelaufen.
    Kann dies bitte überprüft werden .
    Herzlichen Dank

    • extremecarver

      Hallo Steffen, du hast voriges Jahr statt den Openmtbmap Account zu verlängern – einen Account mit Subscription auf Velomap angelegt (User: beorebels )
      Der ist auch aktiv. Du kannst auch auf Velomap.org alle Openmtbmaps herunterladen.

      lg Felix

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