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As answering support questions takes a lot of time, I decided to only answer question from people, who donated 20€ or more to

This enables me to give better support to those who value it.

Any premium member who is logged in, will be able to view the subpages.


If you don't want to donate any money to - that's fine as well. There loads of online forums where people will give you help with your Garmin GPS and/or Openmtbmaps. This is better than here, because that way the word of the openmtbmaps exisiting, will become better known.


Maybe I'll add some premium articles and premium maps (well possible for members to get exclusive access to a map of Europe) here in future too. Dunno yet.


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  • dtaber

    Do you know of a command line tool to decompile binary TYP files to text? The only decompilers I know of are Windows graphical programs like Typwiz that need to be run under wine and can’t be used for batch jobs. I was recently pleased to learn that you can compile txt to TYP with:
    java -cp “mkgmap.jar:lib/*.jar” INPUT_FILE OUTPUT_FILE
    If there is a way to use mkgmap for the reverse process that would be great, but I can’t figure it out.

    • extremecarver

      No, I only know GUI tools like maptk or typwiz. There are no more tools running on linux or osx AFAIK (previously there was and online typ file composer – but nothing exists anymore). Try maptk in Wine. Not sure if it works.

  • Jets22

    Karte -Premium Non-Unicode Karte “Alps” auf Micro SD 8GB unter Directory /Garmin GPSmap 62s geladen – Suche den Bereich um Courmajeur und La Thuile. Keine Karte lesbar.

    Eine zügige Antwort wäre super.


  • Peter_1_

    Kann es sein daß bei South-America die Linux-Version fehlt ?

  • biker21

    Hallo Felix, ich habe ein kleines Problem: ich habe eine neue SD-Karte und mit dieser werden die Tracks und Routen, die ich mit Basecamp erstellt habe und auf dieser abgespeichert habe, auf dem Etrex touch25 nicht angezeigt. Das Verzeichnis garmin/gpx habe ich auf der Karte angelegt. Für deine Unterstützung wäre ich dir dankbar (bin leider nur GPS-Amateur).

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