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As answering support questions takes a lot of time, I decided to only answer question from people, who donated 20€ or more to

This enables me to give better support to those who value it.

Any premium member who is logged in, will be able to view the subpages.


If you don't want to donate any money to - that's fine as well. There loads of online forums where people will give you help with your Garmin GPS and/or Openmtbmaps. This is better than here, because that way the word of the openmtbmaps exisiting, will become better known.


Maybe I'll add some premium articles and premium maps (well possible for members to get exclusive access to a map of Europe) here in future too. Dunno yet.


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  • FrankK62

    Servus Felix,
    ich hatte mir in den vergangenen Tagen die OpenMTBmap heruntergeladen und erhielt nach der Installation die Fehlermeldung “Bei der Installation von omtb_europe_24.08.2019_UC_LOCAL ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Installieren Sie omtb_europe_24.08.2019_UC_LOCAL und starten Sie BaseCamp erneut.” Die gleiche Meldung erhielt ich bei der Installation analog mit der Premium Velomap.
    Hast Du eine Idee, woran dieser Fehler liegen könnte?
    Vielen Dank vorab für Deine Unterstützung und viele Grüße

    • extremecarver

      Überprüfe ob dein Download der UC Local mtbeurope.7z den korrekten MD5 hash hat – wenn nicht dann downloade die nochmal. Bzw evtl hast du bei der Installation irgendwas abgebrochen? Du musst die Karte auf jeden Fall deinstallieren oder nochmal neu installieren (neu herunterladen nur wenn MD5 hash nicht übereinstimmt).

  • Emy

    Hi Felix, I’m a windows user.
    I’ve downloaded the map of Austria (openmtbmap – Austria (MD5))and I’ve updated it on both my Garmin Dakota 20 and Oregon 600 using both Basecamp 4.6.2 and Mapinstall 4.0.4 according to your instructions. I can see the full map using Basecamp but I can see only partially the map on my Garmin like showed in the image attached. I’ve already updated both my Garmin to the recent firmware version.
    Can you help me with this?
    Many thanks and kind regards.

    • extremecarver

      Hi Emy,
      The most likely is that you have the Italy map also on your device – and it’s active too. Now it overlaps the Austria map with empty content hence you cannot see it. Deactivate all other detailed maps to check.
      Other possibility is that you did not select the tile to the south. You have to watch out to drag over all the area you need – and not use click – else you may end up with only contourlines or only map on the outside (lighter shading in Mapinstall selection means only one layer).

    • extremecarver

      Oh yeah solution if you plan tours over several countries is the continent map instead (or here the Alps map will do too)

    • Emy

      Hey Felix!Thank you very much for your fast reply. You were right, the problem was due to the overlap of the Italy map and Austria map. I’ve solved using the Alps map as you suggested.
      Many thanks!

  • mattik


    wie kann ich mein Abo seitens Bezahlung ändern.
    Seither bei Paypal.

    Gruß, mattik

  • Steven Eerdekens

    I wanted to go back from a businness Paypal account to a normal Paypal account. The only way to do that was to close the account and to create a new one.
    As a result I had to stop the openmtbmap subscription on the Paypal website. How do I reenable it again to avoid paying the higher price for the first year?

    • extremecarver

      Hi Steven, right now I cannot do anything yet – because your account is still open until 17. June 2020. Then you will have to renew (15€ first year, 13€ next years) – I could then refund you the 2€ if you ask for it.

  • solerunner

    Hallo Community,

    ich muss meinen Rechner neu aufbauen mit Mapsource und Basecamp.
    Ich weiß, dass es hier etwas zu beachten gibt, jedoch nicht mehr was und wo ich die “richtigen SW-Versionen” finde zum runterladen.

    Danke für eure Unterstützung


    Wahrscheinlich wurde das schon mal beantwortet. Ich habe auf meinem Garmin 800 die openmtb Karte Europa installiert. Diese ist auch auch die einzige die aktiviert ist. Das Problem ist, dass ich kaum Strassen oder Wege angezeigt bekommen. Was ist zu beachten?

  • podjazdy

    I have downloaded ready-to-use img files for Spain, France etc and there is no single countourline visible in Garmin. Maps without these are useless for MTB…

    • extremecarver

      Of course there are no contours – the contours are in a separate file to download. That way when updating the map – you do not need to redownload the contourlines (which are updated very very rarely only). On the top click on the contourlines tab…

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