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As answering support questions takes a lot of time, I decided to only answer question from people, who donated 20€ or more to

This enables me to give better support to those who value it.

Any premium member who is logged in, will be able to view the subpages.


If you don't want to donate any money to - that's fine as well. There loads of online forums where people will give you help with your Garmin GPS and/or Openmtbmaps. This is better than here, because that way the word of the openmtbmaps exisiting, will become better known.


Maybe I'll add some premium articles and premium maps (well possible for members to get exclusive access to a map of Europe) here in future too. Dunno yet.


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  • driesderuytter

    I cannot download contourlines Europe after having paid 20€ for premium. The map of Norway is already installed. Can you help me ?

    • extremecarver

      For the map of Norway you need to download the contourlines of Norway for installation. Contourlines always need to be from the same country as the map itself. I think you mean you cannot install, not you cannot download. If you cannot download, what happens when you try? Sometimes antivirus block .7z downloads.

  • trailfox2

    Hallo Felix,

    auf dem Oregon werden noch immer nur die Höhenlinien angezeigt. Die aktuellste Karte Alps habe ich am 4.10.23 runtergeladen die hat 1,5Mio KB die letzte vom 3.9.23 hatte 2,1Mio KB . Könnte es daran liegen?

    • extremecarver

      Nein eher Denke ich dass du die alte Karte mit Höhenlinien integriert hast, und die neue separate gmapsupp.img? Ich kann nichtmal raten was du genau gemacht hast da deine Angaben wie gesendet, welche Version usw zu ungenau.


    Hi Felix,
    ich verwende die Open MTB Map Europe und habe den Stand vom 24.08.23 auf meinem Laptop installiert. In Garmin Basecamp (Version kann ich die Karte auch sehen und verwenden. Ich habe schon etliche Bergtouren geplant und es kommt immer wieder vor, dass beim Planen einer Route eine Art Blockade in einem Weg ist, obwohl kein Hindernis sichtbar ist auf der Open MTB Map. Man kann dann einfach nicht mit der Routen Funktion über einen bestimmten meist kurzen Abschnitt des Weges drüber planen. Wenn ich einen Routenpunkt lege, routet mich Basecamp wieder komplett zurück zur letzten Kreuzung nimmt dann einen unfassbar umständlichen Weg außenrum bis zu dem Punkt den ich eingeplant habe, anstatt einfach die 2cm auf dem Bildschirm direkt zu verbinden. Egal wie kleinschrittig ich die Route versuche über den Punkt zu führen, es funktioniert nicht. Dann muss ich super umständlich einen Track erstellen und den mit der Route verbinden und dann weiter routen. Ich habe auch ein aktuelles Beispiel im Berchtesgadener Land, bei dem ich einfach 3 Stellen habe, an denen das passiert und ich muss die Strecke 6 mal mit Tracks unterbrechen und das ist einfach ein unfassbares durcheinander und dauert ewig. Kannst du mir hier bitte weiterhelfen? Im Anhang eins der 3 Problempunkte auf meiner aktuellen Route.


  • Walter Eschwei

    Lieber Felix,
    bei meinem Oregon 600 hat sich der Einschalt-Knopf gelöst. Ich kann es also nicht mehr benutzen.
    Ich suche ein neues Navi, auf das ich Wegpunkte und Tracks von BaseCamp übertragen kann (das Edge Explore kann das nicht).
    Das etrex 32 soll sehr langsam sein, aber mit BaseCamp zusammanarbeiten können (du rätst auf deiner Home-Seite von etrex ab).
    Hast du vielleicht eine Empfehlung für mich?
    Viele Grüße

  • kalman


    Ich hab die 2023er version auf mein Oregon600 installiert und nun sehe ich nur noch die höhenlinien:

    Habe es direkt mit der map Datei und über BaseCamp versucht – immer das selbe Ergebnis.
    Was muss ich tun ? 🙂

  • tety

    hi Felix, I downloaded the updated map of Italy in the Garmin montana 680 and when I put the pin on the cycle paths the information on them disappeared and it only tells me the position in degrees, what’s the problem?

    thank you


    • extremecarver

      Please show me a screenshot or picture of what is happening. I don’t understand your description / or cannot process what it means.

      • tety

        I tried to upload a picture but her it does work out.

        • tety

          okey there is a picture, so this track on garmin is the alpe Adria trail , but I don’t read the name of the track but I read the position.
          before with the old map I could read the name of the track.

          • tety

            this happens on all bike trails

          • extremecarver

            Okay I get it – if you click on the yellow road with the labels besides it – do you then get the right tooltip? Or does it affect all roads? How did you send the map? Did you send contourlines integrated into the map or is this separte map and separate contourlines each their own gmapsupp.img?
            Surely not supposed to be like this.
            Is altitude shading/DEM shading activated or deactivated?

            • tety

              I downloaded the map Italy included countourlines installing it
              to basecamp by mupinstall: there isn’t present no one Italy maps , changing layout to “Wild” for Garmin then sending to it. so, I deleted the map on basecamp installing by mupinstall the same it changing layout for “desktop” , on the last one works perfect.
              in the Garmin the problem is present in all roads.

              Is altitude shading/DEM shading activated or deactivated? —- yeas , it is on “auto”


                • extremecarver

                  okay – I see. Hmm. strange. I think maybe garmin changed something with it’s firmware? If you set DEM shading to deactivatd, does it work?
                  You could try downloading the gmapsupp.img version – contourlines are a separate map in that case and see if that changes something vs the version sent with Basecamp.

                  I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the updating of the maps but must be something fundamentally different to before. I just cannot figure what is different.

                • extremecarver

                  First thing to try – does the information show up if you install the gmapsupp.img without any contourlines map?

                  • tety

                    Felix i have done! I deleted the italy unicode map and I installed non unicode italy map, now it is perfect. thank you! stefano

                  • tety

                    hi Felix, unfortunately today I realized that problem is present to other map installed as well ,after I changed italia map from unicode to non unicode as I wrote you yesterday , the problem moved to the other tree unicode maps installed : slo,hr,aut . so today I reset Garmin and I installed all map non unicode and the problem is solved by activating only one map at a time (obviously the one I need at that moment). With all maps activated, if I place the pointer on the ISONZO river (for example) , I only read lat and long. Then I move to the MAP SETTINGS, turn off the other maps. I leave only the ITA map active. I go back to the map screen and read river ISONZO.

                  • extremecarver

                    The italy map is always non unicode, same for the other countries you mention. However I think I may know the reason. It may be due to other maps overlapping without content. If Italy map alone with contours activated doesn’t have this problem – but if other maps that are close by are active then it happens. You could use Europe non Unicode map instead for that area – or maybe the Alps map covers all that you need? Then you do not need to activate several maps. Install like France map at the same time and also activate it – I’m sure then the problem doesn’t appear. It only happens in border regions.

                  • tety

                    in all situations nothing change turn off dem shading

                  • tety

                    thankyou, I will try!

  • jwvz001


    I value the site for quite some years and updating maps for trip planning. However, suddenly I now encounter unexpected troubles installing europe continent map. I get a message “mtbeurope.7z cannot be unpacked…”. Nothing solved the problem so far 🙁
    – several new downloads (Both installer and 7z file same time)
    – execution as administrator, turning off virusscan/firewall

    I need Non-Unicode files because of Garmin Oregon device. MD5 and filesize are identical, after downloading. OS is Win11 Pro 22H2.

    Any recognition, any help/suggestions?

    Tx in advance, JW

    • extremecarver

      Are you sure they are the same version – meaning same language and unicode/non unicode? Which one exactly in this case? (no need to turn of firewall/virusscan – the installer checks if a text file is created in the installation directory after unpacking mtbeurope.7z.
      Also sometimes people make mistake to download to another directory/folder and to click on a wrong/old version of mtbeurope.7z (avoid by downloading to the same folder – best with nothing else in it). You can also check the MD5 hash of the mtbeurope.7z if the download is correct.

      • jwvz001

        @extremecarver, thanks for replying and suggesting some possible solutions. Unfortunately, this didn’t help and I checked all your recommendations carefully. To check my system I also removed velomap, downloaded the newest version with europe-maps and contours which installed out-of-the box.

        I downloaded the openmbtmap from the ‘Europe Map premium download – Windows’ tab from the ‘Support and Help’ menu. I’ll check the other options.

        • extremecarver

          what is the exact error message you are getting? Open the .7z file with 7zip (no need to unpack) and look for the file named something like:

          the edition file needs to have the same text as the error message that you will get after the unsuccesful unpacking. Also make sure the disk has enough free space.

          • jwvz001

            Hi @extremecarver,

            Sorry for coming back late, but I was on a business trip and did not have access to the computer with te corresponding files.

            Thanks for giving suggestions, Disk-space was sufficient. 21 GB required where 91GB was available for writing.
            I checked the file you mentioned, but it was empty, apart from the first line reading _”OpenMTBMap Local Language Non Unicode europe 29.03.2023″_ (plain text editor for opening). So it gives little clues on error messages?

            • extremecarver

              yes it’s normal to be empty – just needs to be present. So you need the installer non unicode local language from 29.03 – and that one should install with the mentioned 7z file (and if you tick contourlines also the 7z containing the 20m or the 10m contourlines as chosen). Maybe you chose english language or Unicode instead? After launching the installer it will say it’s name.
              If you are updating – maybe do a clean restart and uninstall the old europe map first and make sure the directory is empty.

  • Warum steht in der Legende auf für Mountainbikeroute Mn oder Ln und in den Karten Mr oder Lmr?

    Ich dachte immer die Endung “r” steht für Route und warum hat man nicht die Bezeichnung von Wikiopenstreetmap “n” dafür übernommen?
    Ich vermute “n” steht für network.

    • extremecarver

      Hmm, ich muss das nochmal überprüfen – eigentlich hatte ich das vor einiger Zeit geändert. Früher war N als Abkürzung nur für Fahrrad Netzwerke – nicht für andere. Daher hatte ich R für Route genommen.


    Auf Seite funktionieren die Links im Orangen Teil nicht (Anleitung, Download Unicode, …) nicht mehr

  • grobbins

    I downloaded the hiking map for Kazakhstan as well as the contour file. The map loaded on Basecamp ok, but it would not transfer to my Garmin GSPr64. My GPSr had the message along the line that I should contact the manufacturer. I download the Great Britian map and it loaded onto my GPSr ok.

  • Lincke

    Guten Tag
    Ich habe die mtbfrance Karten heruntergeladen. Windows 11 . Wenn ich nun diese 7-Z datei mit “rechtsklick-öffnen” und mit – 7-zip console entpacken will passiert nichts, wenn ich “weiter Optionen anzeigen” wähle und dort 7 Zip wähle erscheint eine ganze Liste (extract here etc ) . Wenn ich extract files wähle erscheint ein neuer Ordner “mtbfrance_gmapsupp” aber keine exe. Datei
    und somit weiss ich nicht wie es mit der Installation der Karte auf Basecamp weitergeht.
    Vielleich können Sie mir helfen, Grüsse N .Lincke

  • qluca67

    non riesco ad installare le mappe con Mapinstall su un nuovo Garmin edge Explore 2, mi dà l’errore che trovate nel file in allegato.
    Ho provato ad installare una mappa da Garmin Express e li invece ha funzionato perfettamente.
    Come posso fare?
    Luca Trentini


    • extremecarver

      You can install Garmin USB drivers again – but it should continue anyhow – I’m not sure how meaningful this error message is. If you click okay it will still transfer from what I heard. Otherwise need to ask Garmin – this is not about the map itself.

  • janmidde

    I downloaded the standard local language map of Nepal and also the counterlines. No problem so far and it works in BaseCamp on my Windows11 PC.
    I installed the map on my Garmin GPSmap66s and also no problem. But I also have an Etrex 32X and I tried to install the Nepal map.
    During installation everything seems to go alright but after completion of the installation I got the following message on the screen of the Etrex 32X “Can’t authenticate maps, contact seller for help. Then I first tried to install the map on an old Etrex 30 and that was no problem. When I connect the Etrex 32X on my computer to try to install the map again, the mapinstaller says that the Nepal map already is installed but when I try to configurate the map in the Etrex it is not in the list. There is more then enough space on the internal memory and also on the memory card. I tried both options but no result.
    So now I am lost. Can you help me?

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