I want to participate in Openstreetmap, and especially tag ways suitable for Mountainbiking

See https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/participate/


I have an Openmtbmap Premium Membership - can I also download Velomap Premium Maps?

Yes of course. But though I run both websites - they have a different database. So please download all Premium Velomaps from here (as your login will not work on velomap.org):

Windows/Linux : https://openmtbmap.org/download/velomap/

Mac OSx - just scroll down on the Mac OSx download page.


How can I add my data / my streets / my tracks to the openmtbmap?

See https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/participate/


There is a virus in the download X (usually Norton (Symantec) Antivirus):

If Norton Antivirus is installed on your computer, you may get a warning that the "WS.Reputation.1" threat is found after downloading most maps.

Unfortunately, the unsuspecting user has been put on the wrong track: WS.Reputation.1 isn't a virus at all! Symantec (the creator of Norton) uses the following rule: popular programs that are downloaded often are probably safe. Programs where this doesn't apply (and that Symantec doesn't know of) are labeled unsafe automatically; even when it isn't harmful at all.

Please use another virusscanner; there are plenty with a better reputation...


Avast Antivirus and others sometimes complain about gmt.exe - gmt.exe or gmaptool is needed in order to have the create* .bat files to run. You could also get if from here: http://gmaptool.eu/en/content/gmaptool

As ist performs many lowlevel operations on the .img mapfiles, many antivirus will consider it a thread.


If you are still unsure, please simply unpack any .exe you downloaded from here. All windows installers are nothing more than archived map files, plus the installer which adds some entries to the registry so that Garmin programs find the maps.




When will (my) edits show up in the openmtbmap?

I render the maps about once weekly (usually starting on Thursday evening). The data I use is usually about 24 hours old. So upload your data at the latest on wednesday evening (CET) to have it included in Thursday night updates.


Can you offer combined maps, e.g. Italy/Switzerland/Austria/Germany ?

Yes if you donate there is a full map of Europe for download.


Country / Area X is not yet offered.

By now I have worldwide maps. Some maps are for people who donate only (North America & full map of Europe).

In Principal - if it is offered by geofabrik ( http://download.geofabrik.de/ ) as extract, I will have a map for it. If not yet - please drop me a comment.


How should I update my Maps?

The most secure way is to run a new .exe (and make sure Mapsource/Basecamp are not running)


In Mapsource/Basecamp everything is fine, on my GPS I miss contourlines

Please Read https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/send-maps-to-your-gps/mapsource/

Always select maps by dragging and not by simple click if you integrate contourlines



Mapsource doesn't start and complains that no maps are installed.

RTFM https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/install-mapsource/

and https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/install/ .



Mapsource doesn't start and complains it has to be reinstalled.

Read through here if you have done everything correctly:




Usually this should not happen. There are several ways to solve this.

1. click on uninstall.bat ("run as administrator" or it won't work). If it has been the map you just installed and it still not works then another map is responsible but not one you downloaded from openmtbmap.org. To solve it see 2.

2. Install Mapsettoolkit cypherman1.googlepages.com/home and delete any map you suspect maybe breaking Mapsource. To help you finding maps installed incorrectly click on "Check Registry". You can use mapsettolkit to reintall any map that didn't break Mapsource via the "Install" button to the right of "Check Registry".

To install a map that did break Mapsource read on here: https://openmtbmap.org/about/install/installation-with-mapsettoolkit/


Note As of Mapsource 6.16.3 stability has improved a lot and 6.16.3 is pretty hard to crash.

ONLY CONTACT ME PERSONALLY BY EMAIL IF: you have checked and found out that it was one of my maps breaking Mapsource. In that case I will need your OS, Mapsource Version, and which map it has been including the date of download. If you didn't read through here and tried mapsettoolkit I will not respond to your mail. .


You can also check with this tool: http://www.javawa.nl/gmtk_en.html

it is more complex than Mapset Toolkit though - but also more modern and actually finds more errors without showing unimportant ones.


Is there a possibility to send maps faster than with Mapsource?

Well did you read through the tutorial? You can send maps directly to an external card reader, then it will be much faster than to your GPS connected via USB. Once exportet as gmapsupp.img, you can combine several gmapsupp.img with gmaptool. Read gmaptool documentation on how to do that. It's not trivial for beginners....

You can also use the create_gmapsupp_with_mkgmap.bat batchfile (or create_gmapsupp.bat - but there is no address search support if you use it.).



Autorouting does not work well on my GPS / Different to Mapsource

Have you read through About--> Autorouting? Try setting the same settings (start with Car/Motorcycle and enable/disable "avoid toll roads", and use "faster route"). The main difference is that Mapsource can calculate longer routes without inbetween points and calculates faster. The only unit currently having more or less it's own mind is the Garmin Edge series, which also has no "avoid toll roads" option to set to deactivate routing over non "trekking bike suitable" ways.

etrex x0 is a special case.



Mapsource or my GPS (PNA) crashes on calculating a route, or does not react anymore

Autorouting is very complex. This is a well known problem for which there is no solution (yet). Both Mapsource and the GPS units are quite limited in calculation power. 

Try to route over shorter distances. The better the OSM Coverage is in your area, the more likely a long route will be calculated. The bicycle mode further makes route calculation over longer distances even worse as it excludes many roads from routing.

Commercial Maps like City Navigator or OSM maps made for car use work better because they use highway=motorway and highway=trunk for long distances and thereby reduce the number of times you have to turn. There is a maximum limit of 100 turns to reach your destination without putting inbetween nodes - but likely with openmtbmap the limit is more 10-40 turns depending on how well the area is mapped.

Note that the GPS may well need 1-2 minutes for longer calculations (and don't trust the progress bar, it's broken on many units, so just because it arrived on the end does not mean that the route cannot be calculated). The openmtbmap is not intended to autoroute you from city to city but autoroute you over nice trails on rather short distances. My goal is that routing works in well mapped areas on air distance of around 40-50km without breaking down.

I will try to further optimize to reach this. Currently if an area is well mapped it is rather 10-30km.

Also note the biggest problem we face. Many roads are not connected in OSM

If a road is not connected the GPS will not route you along. Please correct any unconnected streets you notice. (also connect gondolas or cablecars to streets so they can be used too for routing). .


Can you help me with Mapsource, Basecamp, mkgmap, ....

Please have a look into GPS relevant forums. Good forums in english language can be found on www.groundspeak.com or www.gpspassion.com - in German language www.naviboard.de or www.naviuser.at. Also read through wiki.openstreetmap.org/ and the Openstreetmap forum (has Garmin section): forum.openstreetmap.org/index.php

In 90% of all cases your questions will be answered in the tutorials and/or are explained in the help file of Garmin Mapsource. Mapsource is relatively easy to use, but you will need at least several hours or even days to find out the full potential. Use Qlandkarte GT if your a beginner, it's easier.



I would like to have a look into the style-file for mkgmap - or suggest changes to the openmtbmap

Sorry, the style-file is not online anymore. I don't intend to publish it anymore for the time being.



Some areas/polygons are not rendered, or incorrectly, "ocean overflowing"

a) Sea is partially missing or overflowing: There is somewhere a bit of the coastline / lakeline broken. Note this can either be a fault in the data, or result because the geofabrik extracts are unluckily cutted - so that mkgmap places the sea on the wrong side.

You can make the sea polygon color (currently 0x10f1d) invisible by making it transparent inside the .TYP-file. Then you will have no more sea at all if it bothers you.

b) Instead of an area there is another area rendered. Please use Multipolygons to solve this. There is no way mkgmap can know what is above or below.

Mapnik and Osmarender have different implementation of Multipolygons and also support unofficial tags like layer=value. There is however no possibility to implement something like layer for Garmin maps. If several Polygons overlap, the definitions in the .TYP-file determine which is shown on top of each other. This has to be done for the whole map. I.e. it is hit and miss whether to show water over forest, or forest over water. So depending on the TYP-File some maps for Garmin will show areas in some places and drop others, and the other way around. BTW also maps sold by Garmin heavily (even much worse) suffer from this problem.


There are big (square) holes in the map (missing tiles)

This will happen from time to time. Usually there are some big bugs in the map, that will cause mkgmap, the map compiler to break constructing the tile. Usually those places get fixed up soon, so wait for another update to see whether they are fixed. Otherwise try to find the error yourself, I don't have enough time to analyse such errors. Else address yourself to the mkgmap mailinglist with a explicit bug description (try to use the mkgmap splitter with very low --max-nodes value, to find the offending area)


I don't like the colors, design, streets are too fat, not well visible on my GPS, etc....

You can change your Typfile using maptk. Basically anything of the layout can be changed without changing the maps. This is rather advanced however, note that I will not help you on that, but the GPS Forums are full of advice on this.


I have some more questions about the openmtbmap.org not answered on the page or I could not find out googling

Put a comment below. If I feel it's important I will write a new topic or add it to the FAQ.



19 comments to FAQ

  • burkart@gmx.ch

    Salü Felix
    ich habe die gmapsupp.img von Swizterland entpackt und direkt auf die SD-Card meines 1030 kopiert (im Ordner Garmin). Aktivieren klappt. Leider zeigt es die Seen nicht in blau an, sondern als weisse Flächen – dies irritiert doch schon, da ich doch sehen möchte für die Navigation, wo das Wasser ist 🙂
    Unter den Aktivitätsprofilen habe ich Kartendesign = Klassisch, Kartensichtbarkeit = Automatisch und ja, die Mountain.kmtf auf dem Garmin im Ordner \mapthemes habe ich auch gelöscht.
    Frage: wie kann ich die Seen blau machen?
    Besten Dank und Grüsse aus der Schweiz, Reto

    • extremecarver

      Mach Karten Sichtbarkeit auf normal und nicht automatisch.da muss bei den Einstellungen noch ein problem sein. Außer ein See ist an sich falsch in osm. Passiert ab und zu dass die Mal nicht geschlossen sind.

  • danichurrero

    Good morning,

    I mean that I have a route marked on the GPS for emtb/mtb and that with another map that I have loaded on the GPS it guides me to take the route along roads and trails and the openmtbmap always ends up guiding me by road, I don’t understand it.
    Thank you for your patience.


  • danichurrero

    Good morning,
    It happens to me that having the OpenMTB from Spain loaded and the Edge 830 GPS configured for EMTB, when it calculates a route, it always ends up taking me along roads instead of paths or paths.
    Does anyone of you know how to solve it?
    Thank you.

  • JoeFalco

    Salve, ho un mac e mi aspettavo di trovare un file .gmap da poter inserire nelle mappe di BaseCamp. Mi ritrovo a non capire minimamente cosa devo fare per installare le mappe sul Garmin Edge 530 tramite il programma Garmin MapInstall. Perché posso scaricare gratuitamente le Freiseitkarte in formato .gmap e non lo posso fare dal vostro sito ove ho persino pagato ?

  • clericid

    Hello Extremecarver
    I would like to know how to uninstall a map from my PC. Apparently easy operation, I can’t find the way. Thank you.
    Davide Clerici

  • Wantschi

    Hallo Felix,
    wie kann ich meinen Account kündigen?
    Benutze kein Garmin Gerät mehr.
    Werner Schönleber

  • PaulSeelze

    Hi Felix,
    bin neu in deinem Bereich. Daher zwei Fragen, die möglicherweise schon beantwortet wurden:
    1. Ich wollte, bevor ich meine Frage stelle, alles nach schon beantworteten Kommentaren durchsuchen. Habe leider keine globale Suchfunktion gefunden 🙁
    2. Mein Problem: Habe ein eTrex Vista HCx mit 2 GB MicroSD. Kann aufgrund des hohen Datenvolumens Deutschland nicht komplett speichern (Niedersachsen habe ich problemlos speichern und in eTrex verwenden können). Nur ein Bundesland speichern ist schlecht, da man beim Wandern schnell mal über die Landesgrenzen hin und her pendelt. Gibt es ein tool mit dem man mehrere Bundesländer zusammenfassen kann zu einer gmapsupp.img Datei? Ich arbeite auf meinem PC mit Linux/Ubuntu.

    Anmerkung: Aufrüstung auf 4GB microSD scheint bei meinem eTrex leider nicht zu klappen. Hatte mir von Amazon sicherheitshalber eine Original Garmin Karte für teures Geld kommen lassen. Funktioniert aber nicht, geht wieder zurück.

    Danke im Voraus für die Info.

    • extremecarver

      Nein, suche geht nur via Google mit site:openmtbmap.org
      Interne Suchfunktionen sind eher schlechter daher habe ich diese entfernt.
      2. Eigentlich kann das Vista hcx bis zu 4GB an Karten darstellen, da ja nur gmapsupp.img als Katzenname möglich ist. 4GB SD Karten sind generell blöd, da außerhalb der Spezifikation. Jede handelsübliche sdhc mit fat32 formatiert sollte gehen, also von 4-32GB, nutzen kannst du 4GB für Karten, Rest für Tracks usw.
      3. Du kannst versuchen mapsource unter wine HD zu installieren, das geht normalerweise. Mapinstall könnte auch gehen unter winehd. Dann kannst du dir beliebige Ausschnitte aus der Deutschland Karte auswählen.

  • Robhubi

    Hallo Felix,

    diese beiden Wege sind in OSM seit 2019 identisch als hw=service getaggt:

    Trotzdem werden sie im Desktop Layout unterschiedlich dargestellt. Links ohne TYP File und rechts mit TYP File „tradgr“:

    Woran könnte das liegen?

    BG Robert

    Karte: Greece (Unicode) vom 22.08.2021
    Programm: QMapShack V 1.14.0
    System: Win 10 pro 64Bit

    • extremecarver

      Ganz einfach highway=service welches am Ende des Routingnetzwerks liegt – stelle ich anders dar,
      highway=service {set mkgmap:set_semi_connected_type=0x1001e; set mkgmap:set_unconnected_type=none} [0x07 road_class=1 road_speed=2 resolution 24]
      Aber du hast insofern recht – als es trotzdem falsch dargestellt ist. Ich hatte da einen Fehler – ab dem nächsten Update heißt es:
      set mkgmap:set_semi_connected_type=0x10e1c; set mkgmap:set_unconnected_type=none}

  • jorge71

    Hi Felix,

    ich nutze die Karten hauptsächlich auf einem Garmin Edge.
    Dort gibt es die Einstellung „Detailgrad“.
    Welche Einstellung empfiehlst du für die openmtb/openvelo-Karten (maximal/normal)?
    Gehen bei der Einstellung Normal bestimmte Informationen (evtl. Wege verloren)?
    Konnte dazu bisher keine Info finden.

    Gruß Jörg

    • extremecarver

      Jede Stufe ist so wie einmal rein oder rauszoomen – Du musst einfach nur weiter rein oder rauszoomen. In sehr abgelegenen Ecken der Erde – also nicht in Europa – macht höher oder hoch Sinn. Maximal oder Minimal quasi nie.

  • nebbiolo

    Gibt es vielleicht eine Möglichkeit die Gemeindegrenzen anzuzeigen (wie die Landesgrenzen, aber andere Farbe)?
    Viele Grüsse, Nebbiolo

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