I will publish under this topic useful Tutorials on how to best use the maps. Some Topics that I will address over the following days:

  • How to best use the openmountainbikemap
  • Openstreetmap and Mountainbiking -------->> Mtb:scale(:uphill) --> How to use it. -------->> Routes and Relations
  • Convert Routes to Tracks


4 comments to Tutorials

  • avondsb


    Thanks for the map of Turkey.
    Do you also have mountainbike tracks in Turkey / Antalya / Kemer?

    Kind regards,

    • extremecarver

      Hi Bert, well I don’t have tracks – I provide maps and try to show all information that I can possibly extract from OSM regarding bicycling/mtbiking in my maps. So for those regions in Turkey – just look in the map for interesting stuff (brown/green for trails, red for forest roads) – but in general Turkey is not yet very well mapped (as mtbiking is not yet really popular there).

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