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19. October Map Updates — all Contourlines reworked

New Reworked Contourlines

(deutsche Version weiter unten für email Empfänger) Well, actually I wanted to post this message already last week, but the updates took much longer than I first expected. So here we go:

Already last week, all European maps (except map of Europe) got new/reworked contourlines. While in the Alps, there was [...]

Map Updates 2. October 2012 – first odbl licensed maps

Well, after my trip is over, yesterday and today I worked about 24 hours to get the map updates ready…. During my trip and the subsequent freeride and bikepark buikeguide education – the internet connection was simply too shaky, and I didn't have enough time anyhow (luckily 3 weeks biking, with overall 3 half rainy [...]