New Contourlines for all Maps – and again – Please Stick to Basecamp 4.6.x

1. Yesterdays/Day before Yesterdays map update of the Europe Map has new contourlines – so especially all OSx users – please do not reuse the old contourlines. For Windows the installer throws an error message anyhow.

It took me a lot of time to iron out bugs in the contourline data, convert it correctly to the needed input formats – fill voids and put it together. The Europe map is now the first to be fully based on Sonnys LIDAR data where available (Italy is new), elsewhere the still pretty excellent ALOS World 30m data – and from 60° northwards voidfilled viewfinderpanoramas 3″ data. Yes except for the Alps the Viewfinderpanoramas 3″ data used to be the common source for all my contourline maps – it’s IMHO crazy how much better the ALOS – and of course LIDAR data is in mountaineous regions. LIDAR data is from laser scanning – of course that will be the best possible to attain, however the ALOS data (downsampled from Alos World 5m data to 30m) is where it’s not voidfilled by SRTM1v3.0 really astonishingly good in my eyes. Often flatter forest areas are put 5-10m too high (but SRTM and viewfinderpanoramas also […]

Do NOT Update to Basecamp v 4.7.0!

UPDATE – see here for Instructions:

Sorry this is just a quick message – but because it’s kinda important and may cause a lot of confusion – I send out this short newsletter.

Garmin released a new version of Basecamp – 4.7.0 – in order to remove many features that were not in accordance with the GDPR regulation. Actually it’s not that 4.6.2 is wrong here – it’s that there were a few web services – that Garmin switched off – and those were interlinked into 4.6.2 – so that actually in 4.6.2 some functionality is not working anymore – I could on a quick check however not discover any actual difference otherwise in relation to the GDPR regulations – so 4.6.2 is no different in this regard to 4.7.0 – well and new privacy page/EULA of course).

Now the problem is – Basecamp 4.7.0 also ships an updated version of Garmin MapInstall – and that version is broken in so far that it does not send any maps in .img format anymore! This also applies to original garmin maps. I have some old Garmin Topo Austria and Garmin City Navigator map – that cannot be sent […]