Map Updates – new Installer, Overviewmap, and much more

Well first of all, sorry for not informing about changes over the last month. I simply always wanted to wait for some more steps, before writing about them – and so this post will get quite long.

Most noticeable is that the maps now come with a simple overview map – so when zooming out in Mapsource, Basecamp or Qlankdarte GT, the map doesn't go blank at some point anymore, but shows cities and country borders, no matter how far you zoom out. This also heavily speeds up showing of the map when zoomed out far. It's not perfect yet, because the overview map has only one level, but I hope in future mkgmap offers more possibilities here.


Second big improvement – is that I completly reworked the Windows installer for the Europe map, and all maps which have contourlines as an external download. Now the installer asks for providing any other (optional) files and will unpack them into the right place. I also hope, that this relieves me from answering questions why sending maps to the GPS fails, or why the map is blank – both of which cost me quite a lot of time. Unfortunately […]

Map Updates 28. February 2013

(German/Deutsch – bitte einfach auf gehen) Well this time just a short note. Sorry about the last map update, which had some white tiles, especially on the Velomap. The bug was caused by mkgmap, and all maps downloaded before Monday, or Tuesday were potentially affected. The problem hadn't appeared on Austria map, and some other I tried, so I didn't notice it. Even though I updated all maps on Tuesday, I decided to run the updates tonight again, so tomorrow as usual fresh Openmtbmaps and Velomaps…

Also the Europe maps are fixed since Tuesday/Wednesday.

Besides there are no major changes (well I needed to fix some things on the full Asia map again, as it grew larger than 2GB and the installer wouldn't compile, but this is fixed for some month now, or better until the installer itself will reach a compressed size >2GB)..