Map Updates and News – 18 January 2012

(für Deutsch – bitte dem Link oben folgen und den Artikel auf lesen) – Well long time no see, here are News from Openmtbmap and Velomap again. I know it's been a long time, but I just didn't find the time to write down all the news during the last weeks.

Largely responsible for this is, that as I couldn't really do sports over the last 8 weeks. Due to my ankle still not fully recovered, I fell into a bit of a motivationless hole. But well, in 1-2 weeks my ankle will have recovered so far, that I can go mtbiking, skiing and boarding again – I just hope that there will be another big fall of snow – like the last 2 days here in Vienna, where around 30cm of snow fell even in downtown Vienna.

My main work during the last weeks, was focussed on bugfixing on the server side, and on making the maps for Mac OSX easier to use –  here is now a guide for Dummies on Mac OSX


Besides the Newssection below the picture – I put up a promotion special – hoping to convert some of the readers of […]

9. November 2012 Map Updates – Mac OSX Maps now Worldwide too

(for german newsletter, please follow the heading and look at it online, für die deutsche Version des Newsletters, bitte die Überschrift anklicken, und auf der Website die Sprache auf Deutsch setzen)

Well three weeks passed since the last map update, and quite a few changes over the last weeks. I'm still progging on both maps for Android as well as an online map (I already rented a nice online root server with 32GB RAM and I7 for rendering the maps), but also still adding or changing stuff on the main openmtbmaps/velomaps.

However as 10 days ago I broke my ankle, and ripped out a ligament, it means progress stopped a bit. Damn stupid thing, just jumping down 1m somewhere backwards, ankle folding over and misery there, no spectacular crash or anything like my "normal" injuries… So instead of making the best of the nice autumn weather mtbiking until the snow arrives, I'm out of order concerning sports for at least another 6 weeks.


Mac OSx gmap format maps now available worldwide But so for changes – today or tomorrow I'll move all Mac OSx downloads to their dedicated download site, this also makes it easier for support […]

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