Map Updates 28. February 2013

(German/Deutsch – bitte einfach auf gehen) Well this time just a short note. Sorry about the last map update, which had some white tiles, especially on the Velomap. The bug was caused by mkgmap, and all maps downloaded before Monday, or Tuesday were potentially affected. The problem hadn't appeared on Austria map, and some other I tried, so I didn't notice it. Even though I updated all maps on Tuesday, I decided to run the updates tonight again, so tomorrow as usual fresh Openmtbmaps and Velomaps…

Also the Europe maps are fixed since Tuesday/Wednesday.

Besides there are no major changes (well I needed to fix some things on the full Asia map again, as it grew larger than 2GB and the installer wouldn't compile, but this is fixed for some month now, or better until the installer itself will reach a compressed size >2GB)..


22 February Map Updates – First Time all Maps with Housenumber Search Support

(German – Deutsche – Translation hier )Woohaa, todays openmtbmap and velomap update brings, for the first time: Adress search down to housenumber accuracy! This is the first time  for OSM created Garmin Maps. Big Thanks to the devs (mainly WanMil and Steve) who made that possible and published the first working beta version of mkgmap 3 days ago. So now all adresses that are tagged with addr:housenumber and add:street are now searchable. I must admit, I had expected this to happen already 1 to 2 years ago, but now it's here. Not all addresses in OSM are tagged this way, but the support is sure to be extended in future.

This only leaves proper overview maps missing on the feature side of what is possible with the old Non NT map format from Garmin and not yet implemented in the openmtbmaps.


I will update the full Europe Map tomorrow too (downloadable from Saturday updated), so you can enjoy proper address search with housenumbers.

You can also see the housenumbers as a popup now (if in OSM):


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