Some further work on the overview map – and Peru as a new country

Well lets make the newsletter a bit shorter this time but keep it more uptodate. First of all, if you downloaded Fridays maps, there was a bug in the overviewmap content to be seen at all resolutions in Basecamp.  (the bug didn't affect the map view on the GPS devices, nor in Mapsource or Qlandkarte GT). This got fixed if you downloaded the maps on Saturday or later. So if you wonder about straight motorways appearing twice – there a gone again now. However a nice feature – of the background changing colour slightly depending on the resolution is gone now. Also the typfiles needed to be changed again (0x4b is now again the background).


For Mac OSx downloads, I renamed the downloads from COUNTRY.gmap.7z to COUNTRY_macosx.7z. This is only the name of the packed download. However if you did make a mistake and extracted the content not using "extract here" but "extract to "COUNTRY.gmap" the problem of macosx making automatically a kinda broken gmap installation package out of it is solved now. So if you unpack now to "COUNTRY_macosx" – then it will be recognized as a standard folder, which you can access normally and not recognized […]

Map Updates – new Installer, Overviewmap, and much more

Well first of all, sorry for not informing about changes over the last month. I simply always wanted to wait for some more steps, before writing about them – and so this post will get quite long.

Most noticeable is that the maps now come with a simple overview map – so when zooming out in Mapsource, Basecamp or Qlankdarte GT, the map doesn't go blank at some point anymore, but shows cities and country borders, no matter how far you zoom out. This also heavily speeds up showing of the map when zoomed out far. It's not perfect yet, because the overview map has only one level, but I hope in future mkgmap offers more possibilities here.


Second big improvement – is that I completly reworked the Windows installer for the Europe map, and all maps which have contourlines as an external download. Now the installer asks for providing any other (optional) files and will unpack them into the right place. I also hope, that this relieves me from answering questions why sending maps to the GPS fails, or why the map is blank – both of which cost me quite a lot of time. Unfortunately […]