Compatibility with new Garmin devices and Unicode Maps

Last week I changed all maps of countries which do not use Latin as main script to Unicode. Before this was not the case for the Europe, Asia and Africa continent map. On the other hand all unicode maps – are now also available the respective main script of the country. This even seems to work quite well for countries like China which has no alphabet at all. All modern devices – should be quite fine displaying them. Mapsource sometimes shows garbled text however – as will very very old GPS devices – which unluckily also don’t support unicode. So I’m sorry – but Garmin devices that are pre ~2006 will only work with maps from countries with Latin script now (e.g. Vista C, or GPS Maps 60C, I’m not certain about Vista Cx or GPS Maps 60Cx – I think they support unicode maps). I don’t think there are many people using them still anyhow.

I will still put more effort in reworking the naming depending on language in the next couple of weeks. All non Unicode maps are available to download via the Non Unicode tab on the respective download pages. Only a couple of countries […]

Map Updates 07.12.2009

Autorouting in Mapsource works around 50% better if used via car/motorcycle faster route. Now shorter Distance will actually work pretty well too – especially on longer distances and in combination with mode :bicycle.

Routing using mode bicycle and shorter distance works pretty similar to how mode car/motorcycle and faster time worked before. Faster Time and bicycle does not work well together. Delivery and shorter distance is another pretty nice combination now, whereas faster time and car/motorcycle now really favors cyclroutes and mtbroutes.

Using shorter distance the maximum routable distance doubled more or less. Using faster time, it increased by about 50%. Using mode shorter distance is great if you need to autoroute on etrex / 60 CSx, edge or older units, as it now mostly manages distances up to 20km.


Also Autorouting against the traffic flow (if cycleway=opposite; opposite_track; opposite_lane or on residential and other small streets will now be avoided). And Delivery only avoids Primaries/Secondaries – but does not block them. (this was actually already on last map Update). On top I changed the character set to plain ASCII – meaning no more German Umlauts (produced problems with the address search) and no more ?? questionmarks.