Map Updates 07.12.2009

Autorouting in Mapsource works around 50% better if used via car/motorcycle faster route. Now shorter Distance will actually work pretty well too – especially on longer distances and in combination with mode :bicycle.

Routing using mode bicycle and shorter distance works pretty similar to how mode car/motorcycle and faster time worked before. Faster Time and bicycle does not work well together. Delivery and shorter distance is another pretty nice combination now, whereas faster time and car/motorcycle now really favors cyclroutes and mtbroutes.

Using shorter distance the maximum routable distance doubled more or less. Using faster time, it increased by about 50%. Using mode shorter distance is great if you need to autoroute on etrex / 60 CSx, edge or older units, as it now mostly manages distances up to 20km.


Also Autorouting against the traffic flow (if cycleway=opposite; opposite_track; opposite_lane or on residential and other small streets will now be avoided). And Delivery only avoids Primaries/Secondaries – but does not block them. (this was actually already on last map Update). On top I changed the character set to plain ASCII – meaning no more German Umlauts (produced problems with the address search) and no more ?? questionmarks.


map updates 24.07

Only change is that I switched drinking water id with water point. and newest mkgmap svn version. I am currently working on taking advantage of some new mkgmap features which  I should make use of with the next map update


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