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I spend a lot of time working on the maps, working on this homepage and working on the OSM wiki/forums in order so that everyone can enjoy nice maps for mountainbiking. If you want to support me in doing that, then please pay a bit to motivate me to continue developing.

You Get in Return (as a member):

  • Quick Support via comment function ( I usually answer within a few hours, and nearly always under 2 days...)
  • Exclusive maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • Single map of Europe including contourlines of complete Europe
    • North America (including contourlines): United States (5 parts), Canada
    • South America country maps for most countries (including contourlines)
    • Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia all including contourlines (and also a contourlines file for all Australia-Oceania)
    • Contourlines for Africa and Asia country maps
    • Contourlines for South-America, Central-America and Africa and Asia and more - you get contourlines for all maps offered here (all except Asia as continent are integrated and simply need to be copied into the map folder).
  • Exclusive Mac OSx format maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • All Openmtbmap and Velomap Maps are now also available for Download in gmap/gmapi format. Easy and Quick installation in Garmin Basecamp for Mac OSX.


Note1: The login only works for either Openmtbmap or Velomap, but the premium downloads are always available on both sites. You can still post comments/questions specific to Velomap in the Velomap section on Openmtbmap and vice versa (this is due to both websites having different databases. People who pay 50€ or more, may email me and I manually copy the login to both sites.)

Note2: If you paid in the past (so you already have an account) and would like to extend your membership, please login, then you will see the prices for extension/reactivation of your account!


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1. First year support/access to downloads for €20, then € 15 for each year. You can cancel the payment whenever you like on Paypal. (needs a credit card linked to your Paypal Account.). If you don't cancel before the year is over, the payment will continue each year - It's a subscription.

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I really dislike this situation - but cannot change it for now as otherwise my administrative burden is far too high. I'm not a fan of PayPal at all (that's why the default gateway is Stripe) - but for now there is no better possibility if you have no credit card - or don't want to use your credit card online.

For people who do not want to pay via Paypal/Credit Card, I have opened up a bank account. In case you want to receive a membership please wire the money, and send me an email with your requested Username. (note as it usually takes 2 working days for the money to be credited to the bank account I will send you your login data 2-4 days later).

Once the money is credited to my account, I will send you an email with your login data ( 2-4 days later). You can also put your requested Username and your email into the reference text (replace "@" with "AT" as @ is not allowed on the reference form), this makes it easier for me. (if you don't receive an account within 5 working days, drop me a mail (my email is felix At


20€ gets you 1 year, 37€ 2 years, 50€ 3 years, 65€ 4 years, 100€ 8 years, 200€ or more lifelong (as long as I run Membership Access.


My bank account data is:

new bank account data soon. Please don't use the old account data anymore - due to neu EU Vat regulations as of 1.1.2018 (see more about it on #Vatmoss on Twitter for example). I am working hard on offering a new solution to pay/donate via bank transfer.

88 comments to Become a Premium Member

  • Alpenrudi

    Hallo – was ist der Unterschied von Velo-Map zu OpenMTBMap ?
    LG Rudi

  • HansGerd

    Achtung: Mir ist etwas unglaubliches passiert. Ich hatte mein garmin Montana610 im Rucksack als Gepäck mit aufgegeben. Offensichtlich ist die Durchstrahlung bei der Gepäckkontrolle in D’dorf so hart gewesen, dass mein Gerät die Karten von der Speicherkarte nach der Landung nicht mehr zeigte.
    Unbedingt die Geräte im Handgepäck behalten! Aus Schaden wird man bekanntlich klug.

    • extremecarver

      Dass eine mSD beim Flughafen durch die Strahlung gelöscht wird, bzw Fehler auftreten habe ich noch nicht gehört. Ich habe das gerade mal gegoogled, und es scheint die absolute Ausnahme zu sein – normalerweise passiert nichts.

  • SkaterAdo

    Hi, ich kann mich erinnern das es vor Jahren einmal hieß man soll Basecamp nicht updaten. Ist die Empfehlung noch aktuell?

  • Diego

    Good morning: how do I change the version of the map (from Wide to Hike for example) without installing it again?
    Thank you,

  • pitarc

    Hallo Felix,
    ich hab gerade aus Versehen 20€ für eine Erstanmeldung überwiesen, obwohl ich nur eine Reaktivierung gebraucht hätte. Kannst du meinen Account bitte freischalten, die 2€ spende ich.

  • lambriggerurs

    ich habe vor zwei Tagen bezahlt, habe deine Rechnung erhalten, ich werde trotzdem aufgefordert wieder einzuzahlen, ichh finde das nicht fair! Ich warte auch auf eine Antwort auf meine Frage im Chat!

  • Timeoutkalle

    Hallo Ich habe bezahlt habe aber kein Premium Download?
    bitte um Hilfe

    • extremecarver

      Du hast zuletzt 2018 bezahlt – bitte schicke mir per email die Rechnung/Paypalbestätigung oder die email Adresse von der deine Zahlung rausging – ich nehme an die Zahlung ist fehlgeschlagen. Bitte versuche es noch einmal. Per paypal kann weniger schiefgehen als direkt per Kreditkarte.

  • Brancaleone

    Hallo Felix, ich würde gerne wegen ein paar Fragen per email mit dir kommunizieren, also nicht öffentlich.
    Ich finde aber deine email nirgends…

  • waltercapraro

    Sono un vostro sostenitore da anni, non riesco per colpa delle mie competenze e mancanza di informazioni ad installare le mappe sui miei dispositivi garmin.
    Ho utilizzato la guida per windows per installare mappe con curve di livello ma nulla da fare non le vedo. Nel dispositivo vedo le mappe e le attivo ma non mi sembrano neanche le openmtb. Cosa posso fare ?
    Garmin edge 1030 plus
    Garmin Fenix 6 pro

    • extremecarver

      sorry you need to tell much more in detail what you did. If you only installed the contourlines – well then it’s only the altitude lines – for the maps need to install them maps. Sorry without saying exactly what you did and what you want to achieve I cannot help you.

  • Blackburger

    sorry falsches forum

  • Ludwig Gelders

    Hi Felix

    You can forget my previous message. I logged off and got back after a couple of houres and now everything is working fine. I just downloaded New zealand.

    Have a nice day

    • extremecarver

      Maybe some cache or cookie problem. If you have problems like this – reload with CTRL-F5 – that deletes the cache for the current page. The account should be working right from the start…

  • Ludwig Gelders


    Today I became a member and took the subscription for the €20.00 membreship. I succeded to download al the european country maps I need but I can’t download the map for New Zealand.

    Do I miss something? He always give me a screen to become premium membre. But what’s the difference and how can I become a premium membre?

  • Jambo


    I have an Edge 1030 Plus and installed the non unicode version of Great Britain with additional 10m contour lines on my Edge which is working great. I’m only interested in having Great Britain maps on my device, however I’ve never been sure what to do with the original Garmin maps or what each one does. Could you please tell me what each map does and if I should enable it or disable it once the OPENMTMAP has been installed. I also do not now if they are layers, i.e. one map will overlay on another to provide two functions on the screen at the same time.

    INTL Standard Basemap, NR
    Garmin DEM Map EU 2020.10
    Garmin Geocode Map EU 2021.10
    Garmin Cycle Map EU, South West, 2021.10

    Thanks in advance



    • extremecarver

      Only leave the Basemap active. Best would be to even remove the other maps from your device (back them up on your PC) – I am not sure how many tiles they have – but I guess they will run into the thousands. So better backup and remove.

    • extremecarver

      how they overlay is a bit random – I cannot tell you. You can only try out yourself. Removing is better for faster boot time faster address search (plus being sure you can navigate to the point found – though that should also work with the garmin maps only deactivated as they are OSM based). The edge has a 4048 tile limit – maybe the garmin maps have on their own already 2000-3000 tiles. If you break the limit – then random map areas dissappear. No warning.

  • kaiserschmarrn

    Hi Felix,

    laufen deine OMTB Karten auch auf dem neuen Garmin Montana 700 bzw. 700i?


  • Robertbu

    Hallo Felix,
    ich habe mir die Karte von Griechenland in englischer Sprache runtergeladen und mit thin contourlines am Labtop installiert.
    Die Karte funktioniert auch auf mein Labtop (windows 10) sehr gut. Ich kann die karte im Basecamp (Version 4.7.2)normal anwenden. Ich kann sie auch auf den Speicherchip übertragen, d.h. sie kommt dort als gmapsupp.img an.Ich benenne sie um in greece.img usw.
    Beim Einschalten meines gpsmaps 66s kommt nach dem hochfahren die Meldung “karten sind nicht authentisiert.Für Unterstützung an den Verkäufer wenden”
    Ich habe mit den gleichen Konstellation bereits die Karten Transalpin und Croatia geladen, die einwandfrei funktionieren und auch am gpsmaps 66s sichtbar sind. Die Griechenlandkarte wird mir gar nicht zur Auswahl gestellt.
    gibt es da irgenwie ein Problem mit dem Mapinstaller oder anderweitig.

    Weiterhin hatte ich noch ein Problem beim Installieren von der Transalpinkarte.
    Die wollte ich mit thin contourlines am Labtop installieren. Das bricht aber nach ca. 2/3 der installation ab.In der Einstellung “classic” funktioniert die installation. Wo liegt da das Problem?

    Robert BUschinger

    • extremecarver

      Du hast die Unicode Karte von Griechenland heruntergeladen. Nimm die Non Unicode – dann geht es. (Kroatien gibt es nicht in Unicode).
      2. Das habe ich noch nie gehört. Probier es einfach nochmal. Evtl installiere die Alpenkarte nochmal und lade sie vorher neu herunter. Evlt ist da eine Datenfehler/Korruption passiert.

  • andpenza

    Good evening Felix.
    I have no longer a membership cause I am using the site (and my bike) not so often.
    I don’t want to renew the membership but if needed I will do it.
    This is my problem: the map of Italy I downloaded does not appear in Basecamp (I have the latest version 4.8.8). Is this problem fixed if I download a new updated map? Cause this issue is not clear to me from the notice in your site.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Marco Dolzani

    Good evening I would like to renew the subscription paying 13 euros (I am already a member). But I do not see the option of 13 Euros, but only 20 Euros. How do I do that?

    • extremecarver

      Hi Marco – your account is active and you already paid the 13€ for this year (on 19. May). As soon as you login you cannot find payment information anymore – because it would mean paying twice..

  • Robs

    Hello Felix,
    Thanks for this useful websites and all the work you do with Open MTB Maps. I created an account 3-5 years ago (cant remember exactly) and paid a one time fee via paypal to be able to download Maps that I used for touring Europe at the time. it seems that starting from this year I am on a recurring payment schedule with you(???) I have never asked for this so please cancel it, or explain how I can cancel this subscription

    Many thanks

    • extremecarver

      Hi Robs, you created an account in 2014 – and paid for 1 year. Last year you created a new account – this time with automatic subscription, which you can chose/deselect when checking out. You now cancelled it already on paypal as I can see – so it will not renew again.

      • Robs

        Thanks for checking. I can’t even remember creating a new account, (maybe I did), which leads to an important question: how can two accounts have the same email address and paypal account? I think I’ve been a victim of phishing, and you need to upgrade security against cyber attacks. In any case, I dont mind supporting your work this year, but you need to investigate this


        • extremecarver

          Hi Robs,
          your old account was on – not on – if you check my invoices you will find out about it. Also you could have paid twice with the same email if you pay without logging in. But then you could not create a second account. But this did not happen.

          I have had no security breaches on my website at all – and it is very well secured. I had a breach on my map development server about a year ago – but that did not affect the website at all as the servers are separate, not even same location – and was related to a windows rdp bug. Also the hackers only encrypted all data – and did not try to steel information. Sadly windows RDP is pretty bugged. However my website is running Ubuntu Server LTS – much better security than any windows servers and I made sure to secure it very strictly (the map development server has no user data – and I can restore/rebuild it from scratch easily – so I can live with the mediocre windows server security as it does not affect the website or any user data).

  • womble88


    I had forgotten I’d paid to be a member for a year quite a while ago, so I have now paid again via Paypal as a new member. But now when I log in it seems my payment today is not associated with my account. How can I associate my payment today (Apr 25) with my account, please?

    The paypal account I used has the same email as the email associated with my account here, if that helps.


  • Kurt Walter

    Ich würde gerne nochmals Mitglied werden – aber ich möchte mit PayPal nichts zu tun haben. Wenn ich überweisen könnte, würde ich das sofort für eine lebenslange Mitgliedschaft tun
    I don’t like PayPal – this is the reason that I can’t make it. If you could make it possible, I would send you the Money for a Life-Numbership
    Kurt Walter

    • extremecarver

      Hallo Kurt,
      Wenn du auf den Kreditkarten Tab wechselst – werden die Zahlungen über Stripe abgewickelt – die haben im Gegensatz zu Paypal einen sehr guten Ruf. Überweisung ist durch VATMOSS Regeln leider nicht mehr vernünftig für mich durchführbar.

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