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I spend a lot of time working on the maps, working on this homepage and working on the OSM wiki/forums in order so that everyone can enjoy nice maps for mountainbiking. If you want to support me in doing that, then please pay a bit to motivate me to continue developing.

You Get in Return (as a member):

  • Quick Support via comment function ( I usually answer within a few hours, and nearly always under 2 days...)
  • Exclusive maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • Single map of Europe including contourlines of complete Europe
    • North America (including contourlines): United States (5 parts), Canada
    • South America country maps for most countries (including contourlines)
    • Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia all including contourlines (and also a contourlines file for all Australia-Oceania)
    • Contourlines for Africa and Asia country maps
    • Contourlines for South-America, Central-America and Africa and Asia and more - you get contourlines for all maps offered here (all except Asia as continent are integrated and simply need to be copied into the map folder).
  • Exclusive Mac OSx format maps (openmtbmap & velomap):
    • All Openmtbmap and Velomap Maps are now also available for Download in gmap/gmapi format. Easy and Quick installation in Garmin Basecamp for Mac OSX.


Note1: The login only works for either Openmtbmap or Velomap, but the premium downloads are always available on both sites. You can still post comments/questions specific to Velomap in the Velomap section on Openmtbmap and vice versa (this is due to both websites having different databases. People who pay 50€ or more, may email me and I manually copy the login to both sites.)

Note2: If you paid in the past (so you already have an account) and would like to extend your membership, please login, then you will see the prices for extension/reactivation of your account!


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Just follow the Paypal Button. After payment you get a link sent by mail which enables you to create an account on

If you don't receive an email for login within 5 minutes after sending the payment, please look into your Spam folder.

There are 2 Options

1. First year support/access to downloads for €20, then € 15 for each year. You can cancel the payment whenever you like on Paypal. (needs a credit card linked to your Paypal Account.). If you don't cancel before the year is over, the payment will continue each year - It's a subscription.

2. Pay for a fixed term. 20€ for 1 year, 37€ for 2 years ... and so on. See the dropdown box.

Please select your desired type of membership. - Bitte Zahlungsoptionen zur Mitgliedschaft auswählen.

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Just choose amount/time and fill out - your username/password is directly created! I actually never get your credit card data - Your credit card information is securely handled via Stripe. Also possible to pay with Visa debit and Mastercard debit card, but not with Maestro. (I'm sorry that I need to ask for your location - this is due to EU VAT laws effective since 2018). Your Account is created instantly after Payment.

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Pay with bank transfer

Sorry - thanks to the EU VATMOSS rules I cannot offer payment via simple Bank transfer for now. There is one workaround though - you can open up a Paypal Account - wire money to it, and then use it to pay (no subscriptions - one time payments only without credit card).

I really dislike this situation - but cannot change it for now as otherwise my administrative burden is far too high. I'm not a fan of PayPal at all (that's why the default gateway is Stripe) - but for now there is no better possibility if you have no credit card - or don't want to use your credit card online.

For people who do not want to pay via Paypal/Credit Card, I have opened up a bank account. In case you want to receive a membership please wire the money, and send me an email with your requested Username. (note as it usually takes 2 working days for the money to be credited to the bank account I will send you your login data 2-4 days later).

Once the money is credited to my account, I will send you an email with your login data ( 2-4 days later). You can also put your requested Username and your email into the reference text (replace "@" with "AT" as @ is not allowed on the reference form), this makes it easier for me. (if you don't receive an account within 5 working days, drop me a mail (my email is felix At


20€ gets you 1 year, 37€ 2 years, 50€ 3 years, 65€ 4 years, 100€ 8 years, 200€ or more lifelong (as long as I run Membership Access.


My bank account data is:

new bank account data soon. Please don't use the old account data anymore - due to neu EU Vat regulations as of 1.1.2018 (see more about it on #Vatmoss on Twitter for example). I am working hard on offering a new solution to pay/donate via bank transfer.

100 comments to Become a Premium Member

  • StefanLeh

    hiermit kündige ich mein Abonnement bei mit sofortiger Wirkung.
    Die noch laufende Einzugsermächtigung auf PayPal werde ich kündigen.
    Beste Grüße
    Stefan Lehrndorfer

  • JR_UK

    Good day from the UK to Felix

    Somehow I let my subscription run out by mistake – so busy here – no income but busy!

    Know what you mean by VAT rules – I drive to and from Europe a lot and have to be very, very careful now – especially on the French border ….say no more

    I have a Euro debit card I can use, but not sure how as do not speak German at all. No issues with using online, but need to know the best deal you can give me(!) as only subscribe for the non-unicode Cyprus map.

    • extremecarver

      Hi, you can reactivate like everyone else – it doesn’t matter which card you use. The website is all in English as long as you do not change it to German or Italian with the language switcher button… There are only 1 year terms – it is too much trouble to offer single downloads.

  • Beppescuba

    Hello Felix,
    sorry if i disturb you but i have some doubts.
    hardware: Garmin gpsmap 276cx
    Software: Garmin BaseCamp 4.6.2
    Area of ​​use: Italy-> Liguria
    Type of use: planning -> drawing -> navigating off-road trails with enduro bikes
    Objective: Given my poor orientation skills I would like to use the gpsmap276cx to follow off-road routes with an enduro bike at a speed often higher than that of a mtb and for this purpose I would like to have an easily understandable display even with a quick glance.

    – Unicode or not unicode?
    – Contourlines 20m or 10m?
    – premium gmapsupp.img uppure MapInstall 404_patched
    – Tips for getting my goal

    Hello and thanks

    • extremecarver

      there is no unicode map of Italy – it is not needed.
      2. just try out what you prefer – usually the steeper the more you should use 20m. In hilly flatter areas 10m.
      3. if you use the gmapsupp.img download you don’t need Mapsource. You can send maps with Mapsource or MapInstall – but they do not display correctly in Mapsource (contourlines don*t show most of the time).

  • Thomas Kapl

    Hallo, möchte mir gern das Garmin edge 1030 plus kaufen. Meine Frage: kann ich darauf auch die Openmtb maps raufladen und fürs Routing nützen? Wie würde ich die draufbekommen, das Gerät hat anscheinend keinen Speicherkartenslot mehr!
    Vielen Dank, Thomas


    I own a Garmin Montana 700i device
    I would like to download the map of Europe to be able to use my border areas Austria and Slovenia without interruptions.
    This device accepts Unicode maps or I need to download non-Unicode ones
    Thanks and good job

    • extremecarver

      Non Unicode maps for the Montana. You mainly need the unicode one for Greece because they don’t use latin (but that is why there is english and local non unicode – so even without unicode you get a useful map).

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