Map Updates 13 August 2010

Only minor changes this time (i.e. healthcare=* polygon and amenity=ice_cream POI).

BTW according to tagstat/tagwatch there are now about 45.000 ways classified with mtb:scale. This is about half the amount of ways classified with sac_scale. If one excludes the sac_scale=hiking value (which can mean more or less anything to a mtbiker) and excludes mtb:scale=0 than both keys now value up more or less.

On the other hand only about 7000 ways have mtb:scale:uphill classification.....

Both of this looks quite good in comparison (though in reality there has to be much much more classified ways) to Garmins announcements like (if I remember correctly) Topo Germany v3 includes 60.000km of cycle routes. Neither 60.000km is anything (OSM probably matches this in a few big cities alone) nor are 45.000 ways classified according to mtb:scale a lot.


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