Map Updates 19. May 2011 and Europe Map

As promised I created a Openmtbmap of Europe - more on this later. First about the map updates

Map Updates:

I changed mkgmap to use the locator branch, meaning the address search should provide better results. The result is not yet perfect, but much better than before. I will have to see how much time it needs to create the maps tonight, to decide whether I keep on using the locator branch, as it needs quite some more time to compile the maps. Currently I only do this for maps in Europe. Other continents may follow. Also for this update only on the Openmtbmap, and not VeloMap.

The Nüvi support still missed showing some roads, and I cannot fully correct this. As it does not show many lines. I have used up all that the Nüvi shows already. Therefore I switched many line positions in the style-file around, in order to make sure, that the most important lines/roads are shown on Nüvi GPS. Basically only some cycleway indicators are missing now. Maybe I refine this a bit better in the coming weeks, so that there is consistency in what is not shown on Nüvi. I did not yet change this for the VeloMap.

I also again added some more new OSM keys (and also some which are faulty tagging like highway=via_feratta, which should really be highway=path & sport=via_ferrata)


Map of Europe:

Often asked for and now available....... for anyone who donated 20€ or more.

Instructions to install/use are found in the member area:

If you haven't donated you can still find the maps on the download server, and you can use them as you like, however no support for them by me and also you will miss address search as the files needed for the address search are only downloadable to logged in members.

You can, if you PC is equipped with enough memory of course create the address search index yourself (you will need 6GB Ram or more).


Donating by wiring money to a bank account:

I will publish the IBAN/BIC soon, I just opened up a new account for this. I'll publish the data on the nex map update. Right now only paypal is possible.

I hope you understand, that I do not like to publish my regular bank account on the internet.

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