Map Updates 5. November 2010

I continued to work on the redesign. I made quite a few POI labels smaller and (which was another 10 hours of work...) reworked the cycleway=* layout even more to make it easier to comprehend. Also upon wishes made the drinking water symbol a bit bigger again, and readded footroutes (though only resolution=24). Foot and hikingroutes are now in a light yellow - to be easier distinguashable.

Quite a lot of small other fixes. Also mkgmap got again better multipolygonsupport - should be on par if not better than Mapnik now....

Next week will probably see a correction of flooded tiles due to wanmils go at it for mkgmap.jar

Oh and not to forget. I changed the smoothing filter to be only active from resolution 21 onwards, instead of 22 like before. Please tell me if the map becomes too slow in resolution 22 for you or if it is no big difference (equals mapsource zoom 300-700m on normal detail). It is much nicer to look at on the other hand (please drop a comment below what you prefer - and what GPS you are using...)

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