Map Updates 25.3.2011

This time mainly cleanups. For the VeloMap I corrected some little bugs that caused street labels to appear too early.

Besides for both maps: place=locality is now only in resolution=24 - it often caused too much focus in resolution=22 and hence I moved it back. I looked around and most maps do not even show place=locality at all.

Also I included some more access rules for several vehicle types - or better delete some more defaults. However I don't think this will cause much/any difference in practise.

Opposite to reductions, I now included breakwater, groyne and pond polygons into the map, as well as power=minor_line.

For convenience I changed the create_gmapsupp.img.batch file to always use the same FID as the maps it comes with. This enables Oregon/Dakota/other new GPS users to upload several .img files to their GPS without them conflicting.


Also if you have not noticed it yet, I rewrote the homepage to more clearly show what can be done with the openmtbmaps, and updated the screenshots which were outdated by nearly 2 years and uploaded a new map legend showing both the GPS TYP-files as well as the Mapsource/Qlandkarte GT layout. I have also included a page for screenshots of the openmtbmap on gps . It would be nice if you could send me screenshots made with Garmin X-image so I can put some content onto the site (showing the map, or showing autorouting instructions, and so on...)

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