When I started my primary goal was to get more Mountainbikers to participate in Openstreetmap. From virtually zero MTB Routes and ways classified with mtb:scale, has changed this tremendously. Currently around 2000 people ( ~15.000 Pageviews) visit each day. Every day up to 3000 maps are downloaded causing ~ 500GB of traffic.

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Online Journals / Newssites mentioning – This article appared on the frontpage of, and nearly brought my server down (over 25.000 visits during 24hrs, even though my server crashed a few times) – I don't know where it was first published, but it subsequently got posted on many many other sites all over the world (more than 100). It even got translated into quite a few languages – here's for example a German translation:


This article (the first post) was published about 12 hours after opening up the website on the front page of – This article subsequently got printed in about 20 more news journals (amongst Süddeutsche Zeitung,, Rhein-Zeitung,, Südkurier,

Soulbikers use Openmtbmap on their Oregon.



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Both the German "Bike" as well as "Mountainbike" magazine published articles about


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  Italian - On of the most commited openmtbmap users


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