Mittsommer Updates 6. August 2011

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Well during the last weeks I did not have much time to work on the maps themselves, however for Todays/Tomorrows Update I have worked hard to improve the maps. I did quite a lot of work on the POI section, to make it easier to understand and include some more rather new OSM keys.

To be more exact: rework of POI symbols to be closer to standard topographic maps where it makes sense, and complete rework of castle/fortresses/defensive_fortresses and so on based on castle_type. Addition of some new POI like mines, surface_mining, better differentiation monument/memorial and much more (e.g. some new wrongly used keys/values, trying to unilaterally except true instead of yes and so on...)


I did not yet manage to upgrade mkgmap to the latest version (did not do enough bugchecking to be sure it works) and did not yet check the create_mapsource_installationsfiles_with_mkmgap batch script if it can be hardened against missing memory. Will do so for the next update.

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