Map Updates 29. June 2012

Well so after introducing the gmap maps earlier this week, I spent a lot of time cleaning up the style once again. I threw out some not really needed stuff like entrances or farmland and made some symbols smaller.


Currently I'm still not sure what I should do about restaurants and shops. On the countryside the POI are very useful, in a city they much rather clutter the map too much. On the Desktop using Garmin Basecamp, it's easy to disable showing any restaurants, or shops via the options menu (and creating a second profile that shows them, if one want to switch). However - how many people know such functions and use them? On the GPS the declutter works quite fine, again - how many people activate this function?

I of course wouldn't throw them out of the map, but rather just give them small dots instead of a proper symbol.


Besides I implemented the shelter_type key and added man_made dam & pier also as area and not only as a line. Actually there were many more changes, but I muddled up the SVN commits, and no cannot really remember all of them. Mostly are many small details however.

Next week I'll again update the Europe map. As for gmap/mac OSX full Europe map, I'll have to monitor the traffic for a few weeks, to decide about it...

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