Europe Map Update – and LIDAR based Contourlines and DEM for Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland

This post will be extended/updated. First as a short notice – right now the contourlines for the Europe map do not fit the Europe continent maps (of last week 17/18.04) – the new Europe maps which will work with the new contourlines including DEM are compiling right now – but as each version needs about 5-6 hours compilation time, and for both VeloMap and OpenMTBMap there are 4 versions – it will take about 50 hours until they are downloadable! So if you want to install the Europe map with contourlines you will need to wait till the 24/25.04 versions will be online. The country maps are not affected.

First the local language OpenMTBMap europe will be compiled, Then the local Language VeloMap – and last the English language Europe maps.

Furthermore – I will update all contourlines again (subtle improvements in general) – but big improvements in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland. Now the DEM and contourlines of those countries is based partly (for Germany and Slovenia) – or mainly for Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland on LIDAR based altitude data. That means the precision is much much higher – this is mainly […]

All OpenMTBMaps and VeloMaps now with DEM – Digital Elevation Model plus countless improvements

Some of you may have noticed – that the European country maps since last week now include a DEM – digital elevation model in addition to the contourlines. Todays and Tomorrows map update will now bring DEM to all maps – this has quite a few advantages. E.g. altitude profiles for tracks, a more plastic and easier to understand topography overview in Basecamp on desktop – and the quite useful 3D view in Basecamp (make sure to set elevation exaggeration in Options –> Display –> scroll down to 3D to 0% – the default 100% is really too much inside the Alps.

above the Lago die Garda and some of it’s nicest trails – notice the DEM shading….


On your Garmin GPS device I have so far not enabled DEM (if you set show DEM to auto it will not show) – I’m working on adding this a couple of weeks later – but as it is only useful when zoomed out very far (if you’re zoomed in close it only makes the map darker – and the GPS device screen is too small to properly see the altitude profile properly if zoomed in close). I […]