20.03.2021 – New Contour Lines for Europe and some countries

Todays (20.03.2021) Europa map comes with new contourlines - New Lidar based contourlines are also available for the following Countries: Switzerland, France, Iceland, Slovakia, Belgium. And in Germany for the state of Sachsen-Anhalt. So please make sure when updating the Europe map to redownload the new contourlines. Actually the country maps of France, Belgium and Iceland had new contourlines for some months. The country maps of Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany and Sachsen-Anhalt will from today/tomorrow onwards have the new contourlines too. Most of western Europe is now covered with LIDAR based altitude data - about half of central Europa, and very little of Eastern Europe. Outside of Europe it's mainly ALOS World data.

Some other recent updates to the maps have been:

Reworking of peak prominence. 

Fixing Marina to adapt to current tagging standards which contradict the old ones.

Also use mtb:imba if mtb:scale does not exist.

Various small fixes and changes.


14 comments to 20.03.2021 – New Contour Lines for Europe and some countries

  • mjacomet

    Hallo zusammen

    Wo finde ich die neuen Lidar-Höhenlinien für die Schweiz?
    Gemäss MD5 sind die vorhandenen vom letzten Oktober.

    Oder verstehe ich etwas falsch?

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  • christouf

    Yes, this would be perfect. This is the way I am using them already: openmtbmap without contour lines + separate .img for contour lines. With QMapShack I set transparency = 50% for contour lines so I can see them but without overloading the map.

    • extremecarver

      okay – I’m rendering contourlines worldwide now – this will maybe take a week or so. Generating the data for mkgmap with phyghtmap is not that fast because phyghtmap is not good at multithreading and it seems 10m takes twice the time of 20m…

      • christouf

        Thanks for your effort. We have time anyway. Mountains will not move that much in 1-2 weeks.

      • christouf

        Was 10 m lines file creation successful ?

        • extremecarver

          well it took about 10 days processing to create the data for mkgmap – but I haven started compiling them yet. I guess it will need another week or so. It’s a huge amount of data. Maybe I will offer Europe only and not whole world.

        • extremecarver

          The 10m contourlines are online for gmapsupp.img format. The osx and windows maps (you cannot integrate them into the normal maps without losing address search) are uploaded but I need 2 more days to link all of them.

          For norway change the gmapsupp.img link to: 10m/windows/windows_contours_norway10m.7z repectively 10m/osx/gmapi_contours_norway10m.7z

          • christouf

            Thanks a lot, it works perfectly. Now contour lines are almost as precise as the ones of maps from french IGN.

            • extremecarver

              they should be the same. I’m just smoothing the a little more to make the maps faster (douglas peucker), save some data. Now I don’t know the DPI of the French IGN 1:25k maps – it will depend on it whether or not my ones or their ones are more precise. Garmin raster is at about 5.4m in central Europe for accuracy – but I only use resolution 23 for contourlines to save data/speed so they are at 10.8m. That’s still better than printed 1:25k maps.

  • christouf

    Good news to have now Lidar data instead of SRTM for France.
    It would be great to have 1 line every 10 meters. With SRTM I can understand that it does not really makes sense as it would be only interpolation, but with Lidar for me this is different.

    Today I am using contour lines from opentopomap.org just because there is 1 line every 10 meters ; but this is SRTM-based.

    Do you think that you could add 1 meter every 10 meters for openmtbmaps ? Files will be bigger but also more useful, also for people living in flat countries.

    Thanks in advance

    • extremecarver

      I cannot make different contourlines for flat areas and mountainous areas in one country – so no France will stay at 20m interval. In the alps 10m is IMHO not the way to go, but yes I know it’s useful in flat parts. In basecamp the mousepointer will show you the underlying altitude however based on the DEM more exactly. All countries with max elevations below 1000m only have 10m contourlines in Europe.

      And I don’t know what additional benefit you get with 10m SRTM contourlines at all. The steepness should also be visible with 20m contourlines – and the absolute elevation you can read from tooltip or current elevation if outside. Plus the fact that anywhere actually steep, srtm will be absolute garbage (that’s why I use ALOS World 3d for where there is no LIDAR – and SRTM 1/viewfinderpanoramas 3″ for my maps is only to cover holes/areas not present in ALOS which are very few)

    • extremecarver

      I could make a 10m contourlines additionally for download – but I will not integrate it into the normal maps to replace the 20m interval ones. You would need to know yourself how to exchange them (gmaptool) and you would lose address search then in Basecamp/Mapsource (on your device it would be fine – as you could just exchange them).

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