Map Updates 16.10.2009

Bug Correction: Cycleways are back (werde dropped in some cases)

New Feature: Search index now installed by default - this means searching Adresses is enabled. Germany and Alps will probabely not work however - mkgmap is not yet able to write such a huge index. Search index cannot yet work if you join several maps (create_mapsource_installationfiles.bat)! (might cause crash when clicking on "find place" in Mapsource. Dunno what happens on GPS (assume you will crash it too). You have to run install*.bat again after downloading the updates! Also Search index cannot work if you use create_gmapsupp.img.bat

Routing Improvement: Annoyed about needing to slow down for traffic lights? Then this update is for you. Routes near to Traffic lights will be avoided if possible! Some more improvements taken. Now inside of big cities primary, secondary and tertiary highways are avoided at all cost (I got some pretty good rules about knowing whether or not a highway is in a big city, will only work for well mapped cities like big cities in Germany/Austria/Netherlands). On the countryside however theese roads are slightly upgraded.

From 5 routes over 10km that I used to ride my bicycle to work/school/university 4 now route as good or better than the ways I chose when using them!


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