Map Updates 19.10.2009

Mainly bugfixes. All countries now include search index, and for all but Germany installed by default. Germany did crash on trying to start it with search register, so you have to use the new unregister_or_register_address_search.bat if you want to give it a try. Uninstall.bat is included again. If you don't have the address search yet registered from older maps (16.10) you have to run the "new" batch or run "install*.bat" again. Next map update Tuesday 27 / Wednesday 28.09 because I'm in London for the Metro Snow this week. If sending maps to GPS with Mapsource fails run unregister*.bat it is likely to happen.

Edit: Nearly forgot, now Contourlines for Norway are online. Took my PC over 30 hours to calculate (needing up to 6.3 GB of RAM - luckily I now got 8). Quality is really great because nearly all tiles are based on

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