Big Changes for 18.06 Map Update

Okay, this is going to be quite substantial changes

  • Besides having a more modern layout, the installer is now also asking for the typfile (thanks to David Ecker for helping me out here - as this wasn't easy at all)
  • POI -- Well what I promised the last time, has now arrived one week later. All POI should now be shown on Oregon/Dakota an other newer generation GPS.  I might try some tweaking to have shops disappear earlier, but except for that it should be set now. Also some new POI rendered.
  • Class:bicycle is now in preliminary support for the openmtbmap. I hope to get this working better over the next weeks (and hope people use it). I implemented it more or less 100% for the Velomap (next updates by today evening (so in bout 20 hours). Please use this key, for making autorouting an even bigger smash. Please use class:bicycle:mtb and class:bicycle:mtb:technical extensively to highlight your favourite trails.



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