Map Updates 11.06.2010

I now put all files into the .exe. Be prepared however that the installer defaults to the classic typfile. So for other tpyfiles you will still have to run the .bat installer. All .bat files should be 100% compatible to the .exe files. Meaning you can install with .exe, and uninstall with either .exe or .bat. If I find some time I will add a selection for typfile into the installer, but this ain't easy and I don'r really know how to do it.

Also many POI changed their type, I hope that this gives better compatibility to Oregon/Dakota series, and maybe even Nuvi series that previously all missed many POI. This means if you adapted your typfiles, you have to copy over the POI section, else you're in big trouble.

Until the updates are through, many countries will not be downloadable as I deleted all old files.


deleted comment but linked here: Linux users can use "7z e openmtbmap...exe" to unextract the maps. Ubuntu/Kubuntu you need to install p7zip-full.


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