Map Updates 2. October 2012 – first odbl licensed maps

Well, after my trip is over, yesterday and today I worked about 24 hours to get the map updates ready.... During my trip and the subsequent freeride and bikepark buikeguide education - the internet connection was simply too shaky, and I didn't have enough time anyhow (luckily 3 weeks biking, with overall 3 half rainy days only...).


So todays/tomorrows updates are the first using odbl licensed data (the last map update, used odbl cleaned data - but it was still CCBYSA 2.0 licensed). Therefore I needed to make sure to delete all old map data from my server, in order not to publish mixed data or something else. Besides Asia (full continent - as usual) all countries compiled fine (Asia got stuck somewhere). Besides I removed quite a few bugs - which mainly affected the velomap.

Both Openmtbmap and Velomap:

Better detection of steps=yes and stricter avoidance of steps for the Velomap.


Bugs (mainly) affecting the Velomap:

Mountainbikeroutes were faulty shown/included (should be used for better autorouting on paved streets only). Also fixed some bugs that maybe sometimes a cycleroute name was shown instead of the mtb route name in openmtbmap, and velomap vice versa.

Well and a difficult bug - some access=no ways were not shown in the map, even if bicycle=yes was present.

Also consider the unusual tag agricultural=yes - for openmtbmap this will be included in the next map update (probably on Thursday/Friday this week).

I forgot to add the race / roadbike layout to the batchfiles, I just did it, so from next map update you can also select the racing bicycle layout on gmapsupp creation via batchfile.


From this week onwards, map updates will be continued regularily again - sorry for the delays over the last three weeks, but I simply didn't find enough time to work on the maps (last map update was 18.9 with the last CCBYSA 2.0 licensed data - but as nothing else had changed, I didn't write a newsletter). I hope I have answered all emails/comments over the last 3 weeks, and didn't forget some (worked through all of them yesterday/today and tried to fix/implement all suggestions, or find the bugs. If I didn't answer something, or something still broken, please drop me another comment/mail).


So have fun biking this autumn, Felix aka extremecarver

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