Christmas Map Updates

After I had announced that flooding should be a thing for the past, this update should get this straight (note though, that for all places where there would be flooding, the whole tile will have empty sea instead. but I think this is better than flooding the land).

Besides I have increased the priority of icn/ncn/rcn cyclroutes (but not lcn which are the vast majority) - so long distance cyclenetworks will have higher priority. (note I updated this even more pronounced for the Velomap - but currently updates seem to be broke once again on the velomap). Also cliffs will not be shown as areas anymore (except if area=yes...). On top I added some stupid nonducumented values for bicycle - as they are used according to tagwatch. Display ferry_terminals (had a typo before) and display surface=sand polygons.


Besides I whish everyone happy Christmas and hopefully good fun skiing/boarding or relaxing over the next days or whatever you like.


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