Map Updates 3. June and Biking Lake Garda Thurday-Sunday

Well I'm not so sure about how much time I will have this week, so I'm pushing out the newsletter already today. For the map updates no big changes this time. Most significant change is that I finally took the time to correct a bug that Garmin has not corrected since a long time.

That is asymetric lines like opposite cycleways, or cycleway:right are now shown on the correct side on your GPS (as long as you don't use the Mapsource/Qlandkarte map design). This also means clifflines point to the right direction as in normal topographic maps. As for Mapsource the side of the cliffs and cycleways is correct as long as your using the (trad) Mapsource/Qlandkarte layout.

Besides I rearranged 6 road types (0x10800 to 0x10805) as on last update I broke again (slightly) the showing of labels on new generation GPS (in case the openmtbmap where used together with other maps, and I'm pretty sure the 0x10800 types were responsible for this). Well except the edge 800 if you update to the newest firmwares released this week, the problem is gone anyway, but better play sure. However note that a hard reset is needed after updating the firmware else you might miss some roads for some time (this affects also maps like City Navigator). So far so good....


From Thursday onwards I'll be biking gnarly singletrails at the Lago di Garda. I intend trails like the 653, 430, 601 or 120 depending a bit on the weather. Definitely on our list is the 122 (after warm up on the flowy 112, and only if conditions are dry) So mainly mtb:scale=3 and mtb:scale=4. We have big bikes, so we won't ride uphill faster than 500m/hour, and retry places that we cannot ride without a foot touching the ground.  If you'ld like to meet up with me and Guenther (a friend travelling down to Arco with me) to ride during the day, or have a chat in the evening you can text me on +43 650 3354942 (don't ever call me on that number if you need support with your GPS, I would harshly drop the line 🙂 )


BTW Garmin released a successor to the etrex today (called etrex 10, 20, 30) that is quite nice. Mind the resolution is only 120x160 instead of the current 176x220, so it shows less of the map, however the screen readability has improved even more, and batteries hold up a bit longer. Also the 30 has a 3-axis compass. It's no good for deciding where to go on the trail, but very good for planned trips where you follow the track or route with a map in the background. (Garmin if you read this, please drop me a etrex 30....). Tomorrow another new outdoor GPS will be presented.

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