Open MTB Map updates 12.03.

First of all, the list of changes over the last two weeks. I changed the layout of the maps mainly regarding the classification of sac_scale from pink to green. This is less obstrusive and routes/tracks in default colors are easier to distinguish from ways. On this weeks update I changed the default color for "plain" pathes back to blue and reworked a bit how and when pathes are shown in blue or in a green tone (when they are considered to be rather footways). Note that I used a new type (0x10f09) so if you had adapted the typfile/layout include that type.

Last week the other big change was that I corrected some bugs that made cycleroutes and mtbroutes missing in lower map resolutions. That bug affected before both the velomap and the openmtbmap for some weeks. I too found out about a small bug that I had mistakenly using in my mkgmap patches - that made maps 5% bigger than they needed to be. This got fixed last week too. Note that when using the batch files to create new mapsets including contourlines to always use newest mkgmap.jar version - else you might have some troubles sending maps to gps (or even selecting them) - this is due to some mkgmap internal changes.


Second I'm currently searching for a job. I'm searching for an administrative/managerial position that requires sound technical / IT knowledge. If it were related to (outdoor) sports even better but not necessary. I'm open to move as long as there are some mountains / bigger hills nearby. I'm fluent in English/French/German so languages shouldn't be a barrier. If you know/got something interesting I'ld be interested to hear about it / apply for it.


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