Map Updates 21. October 2011

Well, on the last map update I asked for a new server, luckily I got one now from a donor, and actually last weeks updates already came from the new render server (which is also about 25% quicker than the older one). Moving the server luckily did not take that much time (about half a day until everything ran smooth). Thanks for all people that proposed me help.

As for the map updates. The biggest change is that mkgmap got a better POI handling for Polygons. Therefore I could take in some more POI (like playgrounds) that I had taken out before because they cluttered the map, and now work better (essentially the placement of the POI for Polygons/Multipolygons got set on the entrance instead of the middle, and for Multipolygons only 1 POI is created, and not one for each polygon).

On the Velomap I fixed an old bug (thanks for bringing it up to csperr) that had all highway=footway & sac_scale=mountain_hiking displayed as rivers (actually such ways are usually highway=path, so it was pretty rare). Also when updating the colors of the traditional Desktop layout, I had mixed up colors for motorways (in resolution 24) and for secondaries (in resolution 22) and fixed that too. Also I hope tonights update on the Velomaps goes through, cause the last time it didn't. If it doesn't I'll have to recheck, and it will be one day later...

Also especially for the netherlands I removed landuse=grass imports as they are no good at all.


Besides I started working on an online map based on Mapnik2 renderer, hope to go live in 2-3 weeks. Maybe in the beginning for members only, not sure how much resources it will use.


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