Meet you at Lago di Garda


(note - german translation on the website as always)

Well - this time the news are not much. Over the last weeks I've been mainly bugged down by various administration tasks and only updated little things on the maps.

E.g. today I went through all of the plugins of this website and tried to replace all those that were not updated anymore - sometimes quite tedious to find proper replacements...


So actually I'm happy that summer is over - and for me now the quiter period of the year (till February) is starting...


Therefore I will be cycling 5 days at Lago di Garda starting Friday Morning till Wednesday.. Would be happy to meet up with some people - also maybe some Italians living in Trento? I know you've been mapping mtb trails around your area from my last trip. I'm open for anything from S1 to S5 (only condition singletrails downhill - but does not need to be very difficult).

If I'm riding alone I'll be outfitted with my etrex 30 on the right hand side of the handlebar, and my Oregon 600 on the left hand side - to try out map visibility, little tweaks, future changes and so on... Cannot always do this on my hometrails..


Also for the first time in my biking career - I bought a nice shiny bike, instead of assembling components onto used frames.. (well not new, it was a testbike so I got a hefty discount - but top of the line and nearly everything as new).

Here's a little scary video of my 3rd day on the new bike - still need some time to get used to it for the really crazy section where I'm spotting and didn't ride myself (next time I hope I can get my brain to say yes to it....)


best quality (download or playback in modern browser with very fast internet connection only):




(better quality - needs clicking in the bottom to change from 720P to 1080P)


(lowest quality but most popular host)


Just to note - at Lago di Garda I will also ride much easier stuff...


2 comments to Meet you at Lago di Garda

  • Dalaimoc

    wo am Gardasee sind denn diese wunderschönen Singletrails aus deinem Video? Denn ich überlege schon länger mal ein wenig die Berge um den Gardasee zu erwandern bzw. -laufen, je nach Lust und Laune. 🙂
    …und hast du zufällig GPS Tracks dafür?

    Viele Grüsse, Thomas

    • extremecarver

      Das Video ist nicht vom Gardasee – sondern vom Dürrenstein. Schau einfach in die Openmtbmap rein, dann ist schnell klar welcher es ist…

      Am Gradasee sind meine Lieblingstrails der 122 vom Punta die Larici, der 112 nach Limone sowie 102 welcher kurz unterhalb Monte Traversole startet, sowie 201 von Pieve wie die Trails runter nach Campione (von Chiesa di San Marco als auch Prabione…)

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