News 1. June 2012

Well, I'm still having quite a busy time, so I didn't manage to write about changes during the last few weeks. Finally now a short overview about what is happening.


First of all, well the licence change at OSM seems to be taking its time, and is still not happening. I as many others can only expect it to happen soon...


Otherwise, except for the edge 800, all newer generation outdoor devices from Garmin have now gotten (sometimes beta) firmware updates, that solve the "memory full" bug that occured with garmin osm maps (only for maps that address search / index included). So except for edge 800, no more need to hard reset the unit to get rid of the problem.


There is a bug in mkgmap, that prevented the address search from working if gmapsupp got generated by mkgmap and both contourlines and maps were put into 1 gmapsupp (essentially it popped up the old dreaded "choose country" or "choose state".... I now temporarily changed the create_gmapsupp_with_mkgmap script to not write address index for option 0. Option 3 or 4 work however without probs. The new create_gmapsupp_with_mkgmap.bat will be included in todays/tomorrows maps.

Also on some devices there was no name popup for important buildings, I changed this, so now unimportant/unnamed buildings have no name popup instead.


More sincere as the above bugs, was a problem, that in some cases routing over bridges that had several cycleroutes running over them was broken, this is fixed since last weeks map updates (was several days work to rewrite it properly) and in general the autorouting over longer distances should have profited from theese changes.

Also on last weeks map updates, I put in a lot of work to try to render contourlines less obstructive. So now in Garmin Basecamp using the desktop/mapsource/basecamp/qlandkarte_Gt layout contourlines are much nicer to look at, and don't obstruct the underlying map data as much. Also some lakes looked awfull when zoomed out far, I corrected that too.


For everyone who got an account last year and wants to extend the time, I'll implement a button for extension today or tomorrow, sorry for the delay, but it wasn't easy at all to code it (and I hope it will be working flawlessy, but it should).....

As for access to the member only sections, I will from tomorrow increase the prices a little. Not on the first year, but for subsequent years. Everyone having a subscription of 10€ yearly, is unaffected, new members or people who want to extend their membership will be able to do so (new price will be 13€ yearly on subscription, and 15€ for non subscription (the more years you get/extend, the less expensive). This is mainly due to me needing to pay VAT on your donations since this fiscal year. I'll also declare VAT on the invoices.

First year price stays at 20€ (or €16.66 without VAT).

So if you want to profit from the older prices, be quick and get an account before I increase the prices...

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