Kartenupdates 10.6. 2011

Hello dear Openmtbmap Fans,

Happy to be back from some great days at the Lake Garda, I have not yet found a lot of time to improve on the Openmtbmaps. I did spend a good day to use the same color scheme as for the easy maps for all the other map designs. So now the map layout should be easier to understand, but I might need to work out a bit to make it easier to differentiate the really difficult trails (for vertriders and mountaineers) to instantly recognize the difficulty level.

Hope you like it (though now there are no more lovely distinguishable blue paths - even though I loved them I am a bit tired of all the fuss about people not getting that ways can be blue too. Instead now ways for mtbiking are green.

For next week I will also incorporate mtb:scale=6 as new superior value for ways and nodes. I decided that it is really time to put a level on top of 5. I myself have improved quite a bit over the last 2 years on my mtb skills, and by now routinely ride scale 4, and also most scale 5 stuff. I notice many of my friends reaching the same level, so having a top of at 5 is simply not enough, there needs to be a classification that says, here you really cannot ride anymore. Therfore mtb:scale=6 on ways means noone can ride and have fun here anymore. Whereas if there are single difficult spots, that are well beyond the general difficulty of the way, put a node and place the difficulty onto the node. Here mtb:scale=6 as used inofficially by vertriders and other really experienced trialists, is still rideable (I myself will need another year or two, if at all, to attack such spots however...). Read up here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:mtb:scale


Besides I spend about 15 hours trying to update the Velomap to the Openmtmap standards, but did not arrive yet. It's like 95% finished, but currently the style is really broken. Therefore I updated the VeloMaps with the same style as the last updates. Next update will get the VeloMap up to date (and Nuvi XXXX compatibility).


So for right now, I wish everyone a happy Whitsunday and thank everyone who donated to Openmtbmap over the last weeks. I'm really stoked about the support shown (first time since the beginning that i got a bit more money in that what I had as expenses to keep running the Openmtbmaps).


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